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Sunday, November 9, 2008

On 11:15 AM by Connie Lam     13 comments
"It" completely drained me of all strength...
Im really inept at dealing with "It"... an awkward situation..
How to spare myself the trouble of going and the embarassment..? ;(

I wish there's 48 hours or more a day..
I need more time... ;( lacking of time~~~~
This song makes me feel so gloomy and upset, at this moment...
I can't concentrate on my studies.. helpless :(
I'm going to fail all the 3 papers on 10th, 11th and 12th November...

neng bu neng gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian
Can you spare me the time of a song

jin jin de ba na yong bao bian cheng yong yuan
Tightly securing a hug and making it forever

zai wo de huai li ni bu yong hai pa shi mian
In my arms, you can erase the fears of having sleepless nights

哦~ 如果你想忘記我也能失憶
o~ ru guo ni xiang wang ji wo ye neng shi yi
Oh~ if you want to forget, I can lose my memories too

neng bu neng gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian
Can you spare me the time of a song

ba gu shi ting dao zui hou cai shuo zai jian
Say goodbye only when the story has finished

你送我的眼淚 讓它留在雨天
ni song wo de yan lei rang ta liu zai yu tian
The tears you gave, I’ll keep it for rainy days

哦~ 越過你劃的線我定了勇氣的終點*
o~ yue guo ni hua de xian wo ding le yong qi de zhong dian
Oh~ crossing the limit you drew, I decided where my courage will end

Repeat # *


  1. I super like this song.. but is it a sad song?? anyway, your translation fits in perfectly.. keng ^^

  2. somehow I feel that you like to use subtle way to blog about something.. what is 'It' ?? @_@ *pengsan*

    wooo.. 3 papers in a row... looks like u got an 'early christmas present'

    good luck girl.. really really good luck ^^

  3. eh? noooooooooo, connie.
    no giving up. by now, you should realize, no matter how much you prepared, the emotion and mental state when you enter exam hall is rather vital.

    So, chins up, straighten your back!
    Goodluck! =]

  4. ah finally... some pinyin .... can understand le...

  5. ah finally... some pinyin .... can understand le...

  6. I very like t listen this song too...Last time copy report juz listen this song, repeat and repeat.. I think repeat more than 100 times..haha ( so kua zhang) XD

  7. you won't fail! u will score well with the blessing of God and Apple. :D good luck!!!!

  8. anonymous..
    ♥ han wei, this is not a sad song..lolx...
    ♥ just that i listening to it when im down and so it sounds so sad..
    ♥ not my translations lolx, copied from somewhere ;)

    ♥ i don't want ppl to know too details things about me ma lolx..
    ♥ i saw u today!! wish u can do well in da test.. bless ya ;D

    ♥ thanks for dropping by... ;D
    ♥ im okie right now...

  9. isley chang..
    ♥ take chance to learn mandarin/chinese words in my bloggie lolx....

    kian sin..
    ♥ im also love this songs <3
    ♥ finally u post comment with ur real name lolx XD

    ♥ thanks for dropping by!!!
    ♥ thanksss ;D

  10. I think u nad my sis aso cha bu duo level liao de la..she aso sort liao de...Because of JAY..~

  11. ♥ s.h.e.y.li

    ♥ aikss.s...... wat's wrong..?
    ♥ i love jay !!! <3 kekkeke