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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On 8:11 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Been busy for past few weeks with my lab works etc....
But yet im still manage to spare some time to hang out with my friends.....
Life is dull and colourless without friends ;D

Movie that i had watched recently ~~

1. Eagle eyes

Movie ratings : ★★★

I watched this with three of my friends at KLCC...
I felt kinda sleepy when i watch this movie lolx, i do not know why.
Should watch High School Musical 3, and until now no one wanna accompany for this movie T____T

Im a bit too lazy to go too details about this movie.
It is kinda late and outdated to blog about this movie.
Felt ashamed >.<'' I got no time to blog about it immediately after i watched it ~

2. Quantum of Solace

Movie ratings : ★★★

Watched this movie at GSC New Wing One Utama ~
This movie delivers tender emotions along with frenetic action. However, it is not as good as franchise reboot Casino Royale.

♥ Quantum of Solace is good but kinda disappointing..

♥ I love Olga Kurylenko !!! She is so pretty ~~

Between, i love the car - Aston Martin DBS ~~!!

Here a nice song to share with. Pussycat dolls - Happily Ever After..
Hopefully this song able to get rid of the boredom of this blog post which about movie, not interesting, dull and nothing special.

Stay tune and i will bring u guys more post about some yummylicious foods!! xD
western and japanese foods ~~!! kudos 1... ; D


  1. yay 1st to post in! haha!
    I watched both the moviet too, Eagle Eye was ok, i'm not expecting any surprises on this one.
    I love bond movies, Quantum of Solace was fine altho i watched it for 2 times. I still prefer the 1st sequel Casino Royale. After all i think its good, Olga Kurylenko is hawt for sure!

    Nice song hey~

  2. i watch with u ba

    007 i also havent watch T.T

    last movie was mamamia T.T

  3. condom of solace watch liao, but feel that d important part cut liao, disappointed..haiz...
    ya lor, casino royale better than this...

  4. i like the bond movie lo.. like it alot.. but din watch the casion royale.. who got can brw me?? >_<

  5. if you read the book by Ian Fleming, and understand the meaning of "Quantum of Solace", you will understand this movie more. The character of James Bond had never been portrayed in such a difficult and tough situation.

    This time around, the plot is not as thick but we see James Bond more as a human. Less flamboyance and suaveness. =]

  6. So pity that watch 2 movie that not interesting....
    but recently didnt have any good movie...^^