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Monday, November 24, 2008

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Im back to blogging after MIA for a period of time ~~ xD
Well, first thing/good news i wanna share with u guys is I had a great change in my life...
How to define the great change..? Hmm......
Possibly it is a pleasant one, not a hazardous or harmful one...
In my heart dictionary, it means there's no more "severe injury", "deep cut" and "painful wound" i think, i guess ~~
And, there will be no more reluctant smiles on my face..... ;D
It's time to write/begin a new chapter for my life, a new beginning...

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Okie, back to the main interesting ancient creatures that i want to blog about here - The Sea Turtle!! xD
I can't believe and never thought that i had the chance to see them with my own eyes...
Here we go - Pusat Pengurusan Penyu at Pasir Panjang Segari at perak.. the place where i catch a glimpse of sea turtle ~~ <3
Alright, as usual, i will just post up some photos without going into details about it..... *photo tells thousand words* wink winksss ~~

♥ It's located at the seaside~~

♥ nice scene.... loveeee ~~<3

♥ i try to copy and follow the style my sister standing and posing.. but i failed T___T

♥ Next, Im trying to copy my bro posing, but from the pic it seems i failed too T___T

♥ They had fun ~~

♥ i love seaside.. peaceful, serenity and relaxing... don't u like it too..?

♥ My cute lil sis ~~ Save our turtles~~

♥ Can u see the sea turtles..? Giant one... they r so cute .....

♥ Close-up shots of the turtles ~~~~

♥ The other species ~~ This nothing special though...

♥ The hatching center ~~ It's too bad that visitors are not allowed to step in....

♥ So many babies of sea turtle~~ They are really so cute...

♥ My brother and sister ~~ <3

Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures. ..
Nowadays, doubtlessly that sea turtles are threatened by fisheries impacts, coastal development, direct take of turtles and eggs, pollution and pathogens and also global warming..
We should conserve our valuable natural resources.. Click on the link below, it directs u to a pdf file which about 5 steps to save sea turtles in ur community...
5 steps to save sea turtles

Here, i would like to post up some pretty awesome pics before i end my post *
The 6 major species of sea turtle ~~

♥ Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

♥ Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)

♥ Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)

♥ Kemp's Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelys kempii)

♥ Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)

♥ Olive Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea)


  1. everyday a is new day! new life!new hope! meke urself happy is the happiest thing in life!

  2. i love turtle!!!!~~~~ aww the small one so cute..>.< it seems fun...pair panjang segari...next time i wil hav a visit mayb..

  3. jackie...
    ♥ yeah, i know that jackie lolx...
    ♥ i wanna live my life happily to the fullest ~~~ !! xD

    just apple...
    ♥ i love sea turtle..the baby especially, so cuutttteee.. xD
    ♥ it's a place that located very deep inside kampung..difficult to figure out where is it i think...unless u got someone be ur guide tour ~~ ;)

  4. i dint know that perak have sea turtle? i tot that terennganu only have sea turtle. so do our country have all the 5 type turtle??

  5. so nice, get to go kai kai play turtle!! so fun!! i very sienz, need ur help leh....

  6. wah...sea,sand and sun...feel like going to beach and hav fun....hmm..wonder when i had the luxury of time to do it...haiz

  7. Isley Chang..
    ♥ yeah, i do not until my dad's fren told us about this...surprise right...
    ♥ i do not know malaysia got this all 6 types of turtles or not.. >.<''
    ♥ u try google search lolx...xD

    ♥ this is da trip during hari raya holiday lolx... outdated post.. paiseh... xD
    ♥ need my help to do what my dearrr senioooorrr xD

    Da Devil..
    ♥ u r here.. *touching* keke...
    ♥ u can spare a lil time of u to do so if u willing to...
    ♥ busy with studies..? relax relax ya ~~~ ;) tke care !!

  8. Nice place but think some people still kill terrappin for their meat

  9. wooo.. so fast already got so many comments...

    haha.. watching too many penyu might causes you suddenly turn to penyu :D

    hahaha.. kidding..

  10. glad to see u have such a new chapter of life! HURRAY !

    remember to CHEER UP EVERYDAY !

    d baby sea turtle is soooooo cute!

  11. Borneo Falcon..
    ♥ thankkss for da comment... ;)

    ♥ i wont turn into penyu, no worry... xD

    ♥ thansk for da comment pretty~~ !! xD
    ♥ thankkss for all da blessings too ya...

  12. lol...when become so positive liao? what matter make u like that? no bad! ;p
    the turtle seem like very big 1, can sit on it? haha!

  13. glad to know u had a new start.. ^^
    now ur future will be better as u made the wiser choice.. XP(who am i to judge le.. swt)
    anyway.. i super like the turtles!!!
    wanted to have pet one myself.. >_<
    so envy u..

  14. Brand new life means a brand new chapter. glad u get to live happier tis time, no more deep cut and sadness...~ smile more and enjoy happiness is da spirit! :)

    After looking at those pics only i realize there are so many different types of turtles than i actually know.
    I love that scenery in the beach, its peaceful and relaxing. Makes u forget everything and want to keep ur mind clear lolx

  15. kian sin..
    ♥ u dun always so 38 >.<''
    ♥ i always vry positive 1 ler.. lolx..u dunno only..
    ♥ u wanna sit on it..? go and try and see what will happen next....

    ♥ thanks for dropping by ~~` XD
    ♥ i love them..they r so cute...!!

    han wei...
    ♥ im believe that i will have a better future ;) thanks for ur blessings and support...
    ♥ yeah, dun envy, go and see one day ya.. ~~ xD

  16. Anonymous..
    ♥ hey thre...thanks for dropping by and leave comment...
    ♥ no worry, im sure will have a better and happier life ;)
    ♥ yeah, that's y i love seaside....

    ♥ i wish i can bring one come back ^^

  17. Don't say there's nothing special with terrapins. I betcha ten years ago, the people would say there's nothing special bout turtles till this awareness is sprouted. Terrapins are still a Chinese delicacy in certain places in KL. They might not run out so soon, but what if 20 years later your kids come to you asking you what's "Sui Yu"?

    Hehe. On another note, sulking doesn't fit you. Goodluck.

  18. where got 38?
    u never tell me ma, how I know leh? reli so positive? haha

  19. kian sin...........
    ♥ u know my msn sot sot 1 ma..always chat hafway then gone offline T___T
    ♥ im really very very positive 1 wor... kekek.... xD
    ♥ u always 38 38 laar... dun deny kekek ;p

  20. ur there area connection not very well ma...
    u postive? dun make me laugh la...wakakakakakakaaka........
    u said de ma, guys not bad , not 38, gals dun love wor...huhuhhuuhuh

  21. kian sin..
    ♥ how u knw my connection here bad..? u stalk me ? o.O hahahah
    ♥ i always positive ler..u dun spoilt my image here haha ;p
    ♥ u said de ler, i didnt say that..anyway, i dun like bad guys wor...haha .......

  22. oh no..my secret kena expose liao...why expose it..u know ma ok lor..no tell announce 1...;p
    ya meh? but gary is bad guy wo...wuhaha

  23. kian sin...
    ♥ im not purposely wanna reveal ur secret 1 lolx.. im just guessing anyway, who knows u admit urself on that.. >.<''
    ♥ whether gary is bad or not bad, that's no longer important..
    ♥ i already pressed the buttons ctrl+alt+del ~~~

  24. lol.............
    u got 1 step hvn't do yet wor...
    u just pressed the buttons ctrl+alt+del only? no click end program meh? wuhaha
    actually i am not so bad...ngam ngam ...haha

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