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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On 7:50 PM by Connie Lam     11 comments
Connie is busy with her final year thesis lab and struggling for her final exam as well at the same time...
She will be back and continue updating about her life after 12th of November..
Wish her luckssssss :*

♥ Im listening to some of my favorite slow and sentimental songs at the moment to relax my mind.. Even though sometimes i would prefer happy, boppy and fast-paced songs which can lift my spirits and soon i perk up and feel re-energised... ; )

♥ Online surfing net chatting with few closed friends are ways of me to reduce tensions that overwhelming me...

Last but not least, i wanna share a nice song here...
A song which melted my heart - "Waiting For You" by Anson Wu..

" Waiting for you~~ I'm waiting for you~~~ " xD


  1. haha.. thesis and exam on the same time working.. so keng!?

    good luck in the exam and also the waiting as well :D~

  2. ╭-* cღииĩє 云 *-╮ said...
    ♥ hey chai jian there..?
    ♥ i had link u up..
    ♥ keep in touch..

    November 5, 2008 8:58 PM

    are u wrong send me comment?

  3. exam is coming near, alot of lab activities too...
    but anyway that is just a process cycle, after u get through it you will feel relief.
    It just a process that makes it tough...
    sometimes mood will be down and tension arise, but its normal! its a part of life & nature whenever ur having exam around the corner. My advice is tat, try your best and work ur way through tis obstacle, after tis you'll feel can feel the relief again...!
    Everyone will be going through this stage just like you, and also you are not alone~
    i give u all the best of luck! :)

    and finally nice song u have there ~

  4. svmm3r..
    ♥ oops..sorry sorry...wrong comment ==" im blur @@

    ♥ u r here again!!
    ♥ thanks thanks for da support ;)

  5. good luck charm..
    ♥ Wow, a long comment lolx.. xD
    ♥ Thanks for ur comment..
    ♥ Anyway, im just a lil bit moodless due to some reasons behind... tension with exam and at the same time so unfortunately fall sick :( Sickness kill off my study mood..
    ♥ I know im not alone :) thanks for the wishessss...

  6. KIY cannot online?? so cham that u have to go down hill to KUO to online??

  7. isley chang..
    ♥ smart yeah, how u know that im online at KUO..? =D
    ♥ im just accompanied my friend to go there online, i myself using my own maxis broadband ;)
    ♥ KIY Wifi sux..

  8. i recognize that table that near to KUO laddies toilet.


    anyway, good luck in exam

  9. isley chang..
    ♥ so smart of u XD
    ♥ thankksss.. same to u ya..