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Friday, January 23, 2009

On 5:32 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!

♥ Chai Ling and Me at Tesco ~~xD

Went out with my friends few days ago to Tesco to buy Mandarin orange for professors and friends ;)
Before heading to Tesco, we had our dinner at restaurant "Aunty Lan".. famous with its homemade noodles... And this was the first time i visit this restaurant..

♥ Aunty Lan Homemade Noodles Restaurant...

♥ From the left: Maggie mee, Ming Lee, Ker Wen and Kok Wei..

♥ 8 of us...

♥ My pork chop noodles..RM7.80...
♥ Highly recommended by them but nothing special, a bit salty..

♥ Another highly recommended 1- the chicken chop noodles.. RM7.80..
♥ Nothing special also..

After dinner, we drove to Tesco...
It's 9.30pm but surprisingly there still crowded with people..

♥ They were busy doing survey on the price etc lolx...

♥ Guess how many are there..? xD

Btw, i just reached back to my hometown..
And yeah, im blogging in my lovely sweet sweet home..
And im just finished baking cookies.. Will blog about it later..
Interested to know what cookies is that..? hehe....
Stay tuned yeah ;)

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year!! <3


  1. walao.. where is the aunty lan place??

    I also mau pergi!!

  2. hey amoi,

    happy CNY! hehehe

    - apis -

  3. i ever went to that aunty lan restoran oso neh~
    food quite expensive rite?

    from : *jenjen* :)

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