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Monday, February 2, 2009

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A few hours family trip to Cameron Highlands (October, 2oo8), the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state.
Kinda rushing but memorable, we did enjoyed ourselves.

♥ With my dad, mum, bro and sis...

Each part of Cameron Highlands has its own individual charm and attractions.
The few main attractions including flower nurseries, markets, strawberry farms, tea plantations, vegetable farms, butterfly gardens, etc.

Our first stop was at a cactus, flowers and vegetables farms.
No doubt fruits and vegetables like tomatos, cauliflowers, cabbages, oranges and strawberries grow fresh and healthy in the cool climate and fertile soils of the highlands.
You can buy them either at the various markets or the farms which are located throughout the highlands.

Alright, time to share with u guys the pictures..

♥ The vege farm.........

♥ My sister and I with the apple ;D

♥ The flowers....

♥ Orchids and me...

♥ My brother and I... I don't know what flower is this ><'''
♥ Common Nepenthes u can see always...

♥ Special Nepenthes which is giant...
♥ How giant is it..? See the pic below...

♥ Why am i said it is giant..?
♥ It is almost the same length and size as my arm *SCARY*

♥ Cactus......

♥ The giant one...

♥ My sister and I again with cactus ;D

Next stop - The Boh Tea Garden....
p/s: Will continue to blog this as soon as possible ;)

To see more pictures...
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  1. haha... last pic.. looks like you and your sister wanna promote the cactus nia :D

  2. yerrrr~~~~
    u went many tym ord neh~
    i never go thre b4 ooh T.T

    From : *jenjen*