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Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Do u know that there was a bird park at Ikano Power Centre from 4th - 20th June 2010? I didn't know about this but happened to pay a visit while we were there to shop at Popular Bookstore :) I was so excited looking at different colorful and exotic birds up close. They also exhibited three ostrich egg for u to see and u can touch it. Let's catch a glimpse on the photos.

.♥ The parrot

.♥ The love birds. They are always in a pair

.♥ The owl

.♥ The peacock. Big one.

.♥ Im not so sure what's this. Perhaps some special species of chicken

.♥ Yuan yang duck

.♥ Yuan yang duck. Its the other half

.♥ Cute little chicken

After the Ikano Park and shopped at Popular Bookstore, we were craving for foods. Hence we went to Taiwan Shilin to have a light dinner. After that we went for our second round dinner at mamak.

.♥ The so called Happy Meal Rice Box. The chicken chop is nice!

.♥ Vinegar mian xian with oyster. Nice.


  1. Watch bird already then eat chicken chop ah?! =.="

  2. Amazing picture and the post too, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. 看了小鸡~

  4. @ixsaints : Does not matter. coz its not the same bird from the bird park. lol