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Friday, July 2, 2010

On 10:30 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Toy Story 3! The toys are back in town! :)

Finally watched this movie, excellent one. The 3D effects. Not so cheesy and not so breathtaking but pretty good. And i like this one --> Evil Doctor Porkchop! haha sounds so funny! :D I like t-rex, with short hands one, so cute hehe.

Hey guys, u should go and watch this movie. Im sure it will brighten up ur day hehe.
Look at the pictures below, can u spot us ?? haha

.♥ Like these pictures very much


  1. Nice..really...Don’t miss my latest..very useful Check Here

  2. i still havent watched it! =/

  3. I WANT TO WATCH..!!!
    but not enough time to plan T.T

  4. Connie, at first I m so curious why u post three same pictures...haha...
    after that only discover that u and ur fren are inside...lolzzz

  5. where is the toy story deco located??

  6. hehe. not my type actually. but maybe will consider if it appear at Astro's HBO Next year