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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Currently in love with this song. It actually represents my heart feelings. Nice song.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Didn't know that Murni opened a new branch at Aman Suria. Hence dropped by there for dinner. The environment not bad though, with big lcd screen for u to watch football or star movies hehe. Hardly get a seat on my last visit to there during world cup season.

This time i ordered the black pepper chicken chop instead of chicken chop fried rice or spaghetti carbonara or roti hawaii or roti beckham that i used to order everytime i dine in there. And for the drink still i stick to honey dew special :)

.♥ The black pepper chicken chop. Nice one. Taste much more better than many restaurants

.♥ Roti Hawaii, one of my favorite hehe. U should try this out.

.♥ Honey dew special and teh ice.

.♥ Nothing better to do hence created this out with vege and chili sauce. A doll with long hair or wearing dress. Cute, isn't it? *okay, I felt so damn proud with my creative art, haha*

.♥ The other inverted version :) I don't know it looks like what, what do u think?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Dear all handsome and pretty, sorry that i had abandoned my blog again. Here's come an quick and short update. Promise i will update more from now on. Nowadays Im kind of busy with outing every weekends hehe, endless plans and food huntings :)

My 3rd time visit to Sek Hou which located at Lot 03-111, level 3 berjaya times square to have my lunch. I don't really like this restaurant especially their foods, but no choice coz my friend would like to try the foods there. Ended up we had a not-so-enjoy-lunch-session zz.

♥ Feel free to visit their website for more information

♥ The tomyam seafood shanghai ramen with abalone and fresh prawn, RM11.90. Not as "tomyam" as we thought. I don't really like it.

♥ Spaghetti with abalone sauce and crab meat, RM 12.90. I ordered this because it is one of the chef recommended dish. But it doesn't taste good at all. And the crab meat is not fresh with fishy smell. Never ever order this. But if u wanna try it, go ahead and tell me how it tastes. Maybe the day i ordered the chef was not in good mood that's why it tastes sux.

♥ Ying yong milk tea, RM 3.50. Not nice also zz.

♥ Last but not least, a photo of me with the spaghetti. Yeah i like spaghetti but definitely not this one.