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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Ochado roasted milk tea always my top favorite drink and undoubtedly I'm a big fans of Ochado. Get to know from a friend through Facebook that Ochado Malaysia is now selling their Ochado membership card. The card design is set for 3 editions: Christmas, Valentine's and Ochado. And for this Christmas edition card, it is Doraemon. Wow so damn cute and without hesitation I went to Ochado outlet immediately after work to get the card. Then only I realized there are three packages of card offered by Ochado. Package 1 consists of only the Doraemon Ochado card + free drink for RM 15.00. Package 2 including the Doraemon Ochado card + card holder + free drink for RM 19.90. Meanwhile package 3 comes with Doraemon Ochado card + Doraemon plushie + free drink at RM 29.90. 

I go for the first package without realizing the Doraemon plushie in package 3 is so cute and it is yellow in color, then now I regret. But anyway, I'm still feeling very happy to own this very cute Doraemon Ochado card :D

Doraemon Ochado card and my all time favorite roasted milk tea. Happiness can be as simple as this 

And now I miss my Doraemon Touch n Go card T.T I hate myself for misplace it. Please come back to me haihhhh.


  1. 1 or 2 months ago, I can see the Doraemon Touch n Go card is available at petrol station la...
    The new BP(orange color) one.

  2. Man Fai, ohh ohh thanks for the information :)

    ms.bulat, it is stated in the member application form leafleat which they gave to me hehehe

  3. I got my touch n go with doraemon card with me :P

    and not a Ochado fans hahaha

  4. Ang, ang ang, totemo daisuki. Doraemon!

  5. Hahaha, I got the card few last week too!! Yay, it's cute!! XD

  6. Ochado, Y U NO give hello kitty one? :P Hehehe I only tried Ochado once, maybe should try it again.