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Saturday, April 16, 2011

On 12:16 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments

Sweat -, - What a bad day. Couldn't find any parking in UM hence park at the road side just like what other cars did. Mana tau car got clamped sigh. RM30 summon but I paid only RM29. I pretending that I do not have enough money and took out RM22 only from my pocket. And the person laughed at me, guess he felt funny LOL. Then my friend took out another RM7 from her pocket and the person accepted our RM29 and unlock the clamp haha. So i had saved at least RM1 from the summon haha.


  1. but still, rm29 also gone :(

  2. Crap my apartment was RM100 or so? >.>

  3. haha, so funny to imagine you are pretending~

  4. can bargain ? that means the money is masuk their pocket lo