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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Time flies, don't u think so. And this is only the second blog post of mine in the month of October. I'm really too occupied with things and tasks till I'm lacking of time to type, to blog and keep u guys up-to-date. Thousand apologizes. 

Just back from Bangkok (definitely will blog about it, sooner or later -.-)  -> Hp spoilt (motherboard@gg.com) -> Hp fixed (goodbye to all bangkok photos) -> and now busy attending friend's wedding dinner. Gosh, why so many people getting married this year? So that next year can get "dragon baby"?? :D Went to attend friends' wedding dinner last weekend, one at my hometown - Mentakab and the other one in KL.

2011-10-15 Saturday

Early in the morning friends and the groom drive all the way from Mentakab to Kuantan to obtain the bride. Too bad I didn't follow and I can't follow because I'm not "heng dai". Their outfit theme of the day was Manchester United football team and got referee too ><" I'm not going into details about this. Just share a few pictures here. 

Here's the group photo during the wedding dinner. Not sure if u manage to spot where am i.


2011-10-16 Sunday

Wedding day of my another friend. The heng dai geng outfit is much more common, which is pink shirt. Now i got an idea, next time my husband and his heng dai geng should wear lab coat then hahah :D damn special, isn't it?? For this, I'm not going into details also, just share a few pictures. Actually there's video of the whole process, but I haven't get it from friend yet so can't share it here.

And a few pictures of the wedding dinner. Err no food pictures this time. Too paiseh to take pictures.

Happy for them. And now, what about you? When is ur turn? :)

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haha :D


  1. hahah so fast think about marriage? no good for health ok hehe

  2. seems like a lot of fun... believe it or not i've never been anyone's heng dai :(

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