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Saturday, October 15, 2011

On 2:04 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
 2 weeks ago I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S2 from Maxis.

Vivid, fast and slim -> 3 words that u can use to describe Samsung Galaxy S2. It is an awesome phone isn't it? Dual-core application processor enables fast browsing (I agree), quick multi-tasking (I still don't know how to multi-task using this phone ><), efficient gaming (Agree, angry birds my favorite game lol) etc etc. Then what I like most about this phone is the untra slim 8.49mm design, but damn scare when holding it because no solid feel. Ohh ya not to forget its 8MP camera, damn cool especially for macro shots. Damn happy that I can bring it along to Bangkok from 1st to 9th of October.

I snapped many many photos in Bangkok using this awesome phone. All the photos quality were good. But one thing I don't like is the battery dry very fast. The battery flat not even 12 hours of usage, luckily I bring along my digital camera. 6th of October, a day to be remembered. As usual, battery goes low. I ignored it because I was at outside. Battery flat and eventually the phone turned off itself. After that, it cannot be charged meaning there's no charging indications when I plugged it into power sauce. And the phone cannot be turned on, cannot be hard reset etc. It just RIP like this. *SAD* What I worry most is the photos and videos inside that I took in Bangkok. I haven't backup yet. I supposed it is just the battery dead? *hopefully*

I sent the phone to Samsung Center for checking and repairing. Their service is BAD! Told me technicians will call me and tell me what's the problem with the phone after checking. But I received no calls till day 3 I can't wait anymore I gave them a call and asked for the repair status. Then only the people told me it is still pending because the technician is now waiting for the "parts" to arrive then only can fix my phone. I wondering what's the "parts" she means and she can't even give any explanation about it. I asked is that means my phone have to be hard reset and all the data will lost and she said YES. I complained, why there's no technician call and explain and ask me before they proceed with the repair? She just told me she don't know??? I requested for a new phone instead of waiting for the long repair process. Then suddenly she asked me to hold on the phone and she will contact the technicians again. And now she told me they just received the "parts" and will proceed with the repair immediately. Ohh ya received the parts within just few 10 minutes out of sudden after i complain?? So freaking fake >< I was really lazy to talk to her anymore and I said to her "fine, just make sure they repair as soon as possible and I want the phone by tomorrow". Of course she can't promises me, as expected.

Next day I called again and the phone repairing is done and ready to collect. But why again no technician calls me and informs about this?? I went over Samsung Center to collect the phone. It's the motherboard problem and they changed a new motherboard for me. Ya, it means all my data gone. All my photos and videos taken in Bangkok gone T_T And what happens? It is only two weeks and motherboard spoil? So unlucky. I should get myself an iPhone instead.


  1. haiyoooo... why so lousy one? get iphone 4s! :D

  2. Agreed. iPhone much better in terms of customer service n reliability

  3. U just haven heard the bad side of the iPhone :)

    Anyway, whichever phone u choose, be yourself... rather than being the majority who are the sheeps

  4. haha... Samsung is the highest rate return to the factory