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Sunday, March 25, 2012

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♥ 2012-03-20 Tuesday

Photo of the day! McDonalds Chocolate Sundae <3

Another tiring day because I have to work late again. How I wish I can finish all the lab research works as fast as possible so then I can graduate. Being a full time postgraduate student involved in research is not as easy as pie. My interest on research has drastically faded away. I hardly find neither the strength to keep moving forward nor the will to continue in spite of the obstacles. I found it can be very boring at times.

Okay, stop complaining. This is the chosen path in the very beginning and I shall complete it. All I need now - McDonalds Chocolate Sundae to bring some sweetness and to relieve the stress. Leave regret, move forward. Tomorrow another better day.  ♥


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