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Sunday, March 4, 2012

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If u can see/ notice the date stated above, then u know this is an outdated post hahaha. *paiseh paiseh* 

Carl's Jr, Chili's and Zanmai Sushi are my favorite restaurants in One Utama shopping mall. Other than these three restaurants I dunno where else I can dine in. It was 9.30pm, looking at the long queue in front of Zanmai Sushi, I decided not to join the long queue and heading to ground floor. There I found HOKKAIDO SUSHI. I thought it was Zanmai Sushi at the first sight, their menu and the design of restaurant, everything of it just looks similar .___. I decided to have my late dinner here since I craving for sushi. I damn love the ambiance over here, cozy and quiet.

So anyone can tell me, is Hokkaido Sushi = Zanmai Sushi?? .___. I really confuse.

As usual, I ordered Chicken Katsudon (Small) which costs only RM8.80. The portion is really big for me and I couldn't finish it.

And he ordered Ebidon (Small) which also costs only RM 8.80. 

I ordered another sushi set too, Hodaka sushi set (7+1). Damn cheap, 8 sushi for only RM12.80. Too much sushi, ended up we couldn't finish it and asked for take away.

California hand roll, RM 4.80. His favorite. And I forget to order my favorite - Chawanmushi :(

Simple but awesome dinner, cheap one.  And I'm too full.  


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