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Monday, July 23, 2012

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Hello from Hong Kong! I'm currently hiding in the room due to the announcement that the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 8 is expected to be issued at or before 6 pm today. It is summer season and why this happen -.-

Back to the story. I'm now in Hong Kong to attend a virology course in Hong Kong University (HKU) Pasteur Centre (from 10th until 28th of July). I'm grateful that I been selected because this course really serves a great interative platform for me to meet with many experts and students from different working and educational background. But at the same time stressful also. It is really true that "No pain, no gain". Before flying off to HK, I got myself a travel guide book from a friend and jotted down a few destinations to visit :D

Done with the flight ticket purchasing and it is so freaking expensive (RM1500)! And I get ready the HK$ too. Heard that living cost in HK is damn high, so i guess twenty days in HK going to burn a big hole in my purse -.- Small note: Whoever has extra $$, feel free to sponsor or donate some to me hahahaha, thank you :D

 This time I'm flying with MAS. I spent a good time during the flight. Surprisingly their in-flight entertainment system offers a variety of entertainment from movie, drama, music to games. Felt so happy because I have the chance to watch The Great Magician, quite a good movie! And the only poor thing was I feel dizzy after the game Bejeweled, hence forced to rest and listening to music only -.-

And everyone will have their own in-seat video as well as head phone. I spent quite some time to "explore" and to adapt myself on how to use the remote control. #IT-Idiot 

The meal provided by MAS was good too. The foods served includes black pepper chicken with spaghetti, bun, cake, snacks, fruits and orange juice. It was too much and I couldn't finish it. 

And tadaa...... Magnum mini classic! Out of my expectation hehehe. #yumyum  

After 4 hours flight and finally we reached HK! Ohh ya I mentioned "we" because I came here together with another girl from Malaysia. Once we reached airport, we bought Octopus card (to be used for travel by bus, MTR, or even stuff purchasing), local IDD talk prepaid simcard as well as airport express journey ticket.

HK MTR train service is really efficient. Basically u will not have problem in getting into any destination in HK. And two thumbs up for their Octopus card system and service! Easy-to-use and convenient.

And look at the picture below. Their Airport express has this destination indicator together with a monitor screen, enables people to estimate when are you going to reach the next destination.

And this was the first HK city picture that I took. HK city gives me a warmth feeling, I feel much better to be here than in some other country. Hahah maybe this is because I can communicate with the people here in many language including Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

That's all for my first update in HK. 
The rain and wind out there hit really hard -.- According to the HK Observatory, the No. 8 Northeast Gale or Storm Signal is in force. Hopefully the wind and showers will ease off later. 


  1. Look nice.... I wish I can go to HK too....

    Never been there.....

  2. Have fun and do take care! :D Your in flight experience seems like a good one HEHE

  3. Oh yeah that Magnum! I remembered getting Magnum in the plane too! Yums!! Feels like a kid all over again! :D

  4. hahah wah so many food while on the way there eh?

    anyways, pls take care too and dun blown away by wind :D

  5. Wow! Love the food in the plane! LOL! I wanna go HK again!

  6. Have a safe flight and enjoy yourself! =)