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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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My first visit to The Hungry Hog which located at Subang SS15. I had my lunch there before heading back to hometown. I kind of shocked when I first saw their menu haha, simple design with only a few choices of dish. After a short struggle on deciding what to eat, we finally decided to pick their 3 Little Pigs burger and also their Porky Chops.

Look at the simple decorations, give me some kind of home living feel. Comfortable :)

My drink, lemonade RM3.50. For me, to have pork dishes together with lemonade drink are perfect. 

The porky chops (RM19.90), reasonable price. These juicy pork chops are served with honey mustard sauce, watercress and mash potato. This is the first time I know the existence of watercress, a type of aquatic plants and known leaf vegetables which contains very high amounts of iron, calcium, iodine, folic acid, vitamin A and C. (Okay I google'd this haha :D ). Watercress so rich in nutrients and so much health benefits, but too bad I don't like it -.- It is nicely grilled and very juicy but somehow we don't really like the sauce and can't finish it. The mashed potato is soft and tastes good.

3 Little Pigs (RM15.90). Main signature pork burger topped with streaky bacon, ham, caramelized onions and melted cheese. Two thumbs up for this. The minced pork is so juicy. Even though they use only normal bun for the burger, but together with all of the ingredients in combination make this pork burger an awesome one and heavenly taste. Surprisingly the presence of bacon doesn't make the pork burger tastes too salty. I'm in love and I can't resist it. I will definitely visit again for this. Not to forget to mention, this burger is served with fries and vegetables too. The fries is just like any other ordinary fries, nothing so special.

I purposely cut it into half and snapped a picture of it. U can see very clearly from this photo what's in each layer from the top to bottom. The melted cheese, the pork, the bacon, the ham, tomato and vege. Awesomeness!

Honest food, happy people.


  1. So much of porky goodness! :9 Do they have any other branch?

  2. wow connie. you can really cut burger. so neat!

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  4. porkilicious! :D i have tried and feel not bad, quite cheap eh

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  5. Absolutely great food for pork lover. Had that few weeks back too.