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Monday, September 3, 2012

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What's the good movie u have watched recently? Here's the list of mine

1) Battleship. I watched it twice. First was free premier screening and second time was on my birthday. 
2) The Avengers. I watched it twice too. First was free ticket from the premier screening and second time was with a friend.
3) Dark Shadows
4)  Men In Black 3. Watched it twice.
5) Brave
6) The Amazing Spiderman
7) Dark Knight Rises
8) Step Up Revolution. Watched it twice.
9) The Bourne Legacy
10) Expandables 2
11) Paranormal 3D

Too much until I don't feel like watching movie in cinema anymore -.-" 


  1. yala yala... watched a lot movies d... summor bo jio :p

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  2. now become movies addict hor...movieholic now...xoxo

  3. wow, you hav watched a lot of movies for twice.. haha, rich girl~