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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012-9-26 The day when I first try McDonald's Samurai burger. Must write this down on the blog to let my grandsons granddaughters read it in the future haha :P
Samurai burger. "A warrior returns. Let your taste buds bow down to the Samurai burger. A formidable mix of juicy quarter pound beef patty, dipped in sweet teriyaki, topped with special sauce, flanked with crunchy lettuce and golden toasted buns. It's simply mouth-watering force."  Wow sounds like no one can resist this. Well, these is true though. I like the juicy beef patty so much but then the teriyaki sauce is a little bit too sweet for me. Overall it is still good. Yeah now I have another choice of burgers! But why? Why teriyaki sauce? I'm wonderingSamurai loves sweet stuff? =.=  

 Last but not least, a few syok sendiri camwhore photos with the Samurai burger packaging box. Grandsons granddaughters, see grandmum never lie. The photos as proof. 

Samurai mood! 


  1. Ate this burger way back in 1990s when they first launched. Now not as nice as that time they were using oyster sauce which was way better than now.


  2. ohohohoho...semangat betul grandma ni...

  3. your grandson and grandaughter look when see tis blog ===> 囧rz

  4. Saw the ad and really wanted to try this!