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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On 12:44 AM by Connie Lam     14 comments

Something dreadful has happening to me haiz....
18/ 5/ 09 supposedly a happy day for me..
I had settled everything in my uni.. thesis is submitted ....
And thought that day will be the last day Im in ukm....
But then, my beg got stolen ARGHHHhhh T_____T

Digital camera ...
Atm card, student card, dot red card etc....
House keys and access card..
Make up stuff...
All gone.......................

Bad luck sial....


Never ever put ur beg inside car ya ~~~


  1. hey.. still fine? how did ur bag got stolen? u leave it somewhere? i lost things like this before also.. but mine is got ragut.. =.=

  2. ♥ still feeling a bit upset and insecure :(
    ♥ i put inside car ~~

  3. so ur car was broken into?

    it is rather common for ppl to break the door glass to take the bag in KL u kno, even in bangi, so next time, if u wana leave ur bag in the car, leave it in the boot... not in the front where everyone can c..

    take care ya.. be a little more careful next time..

  4. OMG?! how come so teruk... got make police report?

  5. I am really sorry to hear that. Hope things turn out for the better for you. Remember to cancel your atm/credit cards, and report your IC lost etc.

  6. hrm.. ya you shouldn't put in a obvious place... hrm.. or you just leave ur car for a moment then it's broke? then how is ur car? anything lost sumore?

  7. ya...i knw you are sad...
    i was there that night ...
    and i was the one who covered the bag tim...
    and i can understand ur feeling too cos i experienced hp and wallet kena stolen last time...
    but since it was passed then let it be ba...

  8. Teddy
    ♥ the car is just fine..
    ♥ only unlocked and my beg got stolen..
    ♥ happened at Sunway.. T__T
    ♥ i will nt put my beg inside car anymore...

    ♥ Didn't make any police report since wont help any..
    ♥ i only make police report the 2nd day about matric card lost...

    ♥ already deactivate my simcard and atm card..
    ♥ luckily my IC is with me =)

    ♥ not really put in obvious place..
    ♥ got use something to cover it already de...
    ♥ bad luck sial..
    ♥ nothing is lost, only my beg...
    ♥ othr things not valuable ba lol..

    ♥ didnt feel sad already..
    ♥ a nightmare lolx...
    ♥ will remember this till dooms day..

  9. park inside ukm?
    change ur house lock also.. ><

  10. Paul Chong
    ♥ Nopez, this incident happened at Sunway...
    ♥ house lock changed already..
    ♥ but house doors cannot change =="

  11. oh no?! who so sui ah?!
    curse him to dead la!! >< (ouch~)

  12. hai.. sorry to hear that. have to extra careful next time

  13. gosh.. u forgot to lock ah?

    if not the crook must be damn good at unlocking car without triggering the alarm..

    next time u take care leh..

  14. 嘉CacinG進
    ♥ yeah, help me to curse that fella..
    ♥ haiz!!!

    Isley Chang
    ♥ Im sure will be very careful nextime..
    ♥ nightmare for me...

    ♥ friend said got locked de, i dunno...
    ♥ i will take care le, scare already...