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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Bak Kut Teh, a well-known Klang top food attraction, is one of the food temptation which I can't resist. I just simply like the herbal soup and the pork ribs. A good food really has its power. Not those superheroes power :p but power to brighten your mood, boost ur energy etc. Can't recall the name of the restaurant as well as the area where we had our Bak Kut Teh, but this place very near to I-city. We had Bak Kut Teh here for our lunch after the laser tag game session in I-City.

Cut the craps. Time for some yummilicious food photos:

This is the dry bak kut teh. It tastes good with mild spiciness. Ohh ya, this is my first try on dry bak kut teh, interesting one.

This one is the original bak kut teh (my love), a very big pot of it. The portion is just nice to serve five persons. I really like the herbal soup, the pork ribs and the fuh zhuk. Heavenly taste, causing me to throw the diet plan out from my mind and keep eating. Diet plan seriously failed to the max. The figure of XX kilogram never reduce but increasing .__. 

Vegetables. Too much meat not good for health.

Good lunch good foods. What else? Good buddies! Hyper max! :D

Sunday, April 8, 2012

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This update going to be a special one as compared to other blog post of mine because u will see ZERO photo. Maybe u can skip reading it if u hate wordy post.

Had a date with London Weight Management at 3pm for their free consultation and treatments session. What made me feel funny was the consultant asked me "Why you are here? You looks skinny and doesn't have weight problem.", when she first saw me. Hahaha I then tell her that I'm not as skinny as what u see, I got an irritating "spare tyre" which so sticks to me and never wanna be apart from me. She felt surprise too.

After the full body analysis, she finally nodded her head and believed with what I had said. She is so cute hahaha. I received 4 free treatments from them which included the lavender sauna, body scrub, UV blanket slimming treatment and fat burning machine therapy. Among all this the UV blanket slimming treatment is the most torturing one which I couldn't bear with the heat and I felt dizzy after the treatment, although it helps on blood circulation and sweating. I lost 2kg after the treatment hahaha (Okay I felt happy too although the lose weight wont last long). My body lose a few centimeters too after all the treatments although not a very significant lose. -.-

A special day. Never expect I will go to slimming center haha. Quite a good experience :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

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2012-03-28 Wednesday

Won four tickets to watch Mirror Mirror in TGV KLCC. Hence, I invited my colleagues to go along with me. Surprisingly while all the way to KLCC the traffic was so smooth. We reached there around 8pm and managed to redeem the tickets with good seats which is last row at the back.

Honestly speaking, I has no idea what this movie about and I don't watch the trailer before the movie. Based on the movie title, I thought it is about the mirror story of Snow White legend or maybe the fight between the innocent Snow White and the evil Queen. 

The starting of the movie gave me quite a good impression. The colors, the design and some of the special effects look pretty good and cool. However, when time goes by I felt bored. The story line is little bit too plain, lacking depth and kind of messy for me. Definitely not a good movie to represent the classic snow white fairy tale. At time, I felt really boring although there are a few movie scenes which success to make neither me nor the audience burst out into laughter. And not to forget to mention the Bollywood-like-ending, freaking weird and silly (-.-)lll We ended up this movie with many question marks and head scratching. I will just give a rating of 2 over 5. 

Comments above just my two cents. Maybe you should just go to watch and gives the rating yourself.