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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013-08-10 Saturday

BAGEL! YOGURT! Are you craving for some freshly made bagel as well as yogurt? I would recommend you to head over The Mugshot Cafe (Address: 302, Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang) to fix your crave. Bagel and yogurt are what they famous for. Special thanks to my friend for bringing me to this awesome cafe which then marked another worthwhile experience to my Penang trip. Both the bagel and yogurt were sold out during our first visit. Then we paid a second visit to The Mugshot Cafe. 

You will definitely notice this huge eye-catching signage just right before you enter into The Mugshot Cafe. 

The Mugshot Cafe with very nostalgic feeling of interior design and limited seats are available. 

One of the decoration at the wall of cafe. My favorite Instax instant photo.

We were seated at outside. Look at those wooden tables and chairs, kinda low and I hope taller people wont suffering much sitting on these chairs.

Referring to the menu board, there are only five types of bagel to choose from: cream cheese (RM5), cream cheese and smoked salmon (RM10), bacon and egg (RM10), turkey ham cranberry sauce (RM10) and corned beef and rocket (RM10). We ordered the bagel with cream cheese. It was quite plain but mouth-watering, with poppy seeds toppings. 

This was my first try on bagel and I'm in love with it. I will definitely visit The Mugshot Cafe again to try their bagel with bacon and egg. And now I'm interested to try out bagel served by other cafes in Klang Valley-Selangor. For those who never heard about bagel, here some information for your: bagel (also spelled beigel) is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, which is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked (adapted from Wikipedia).

As for yogurt, there are only four types of yogurt available: jackfruit and gula melaka, kiwi and honey, mango and walnuts and walnuts and raisins. RM10 for each. We ordered the yogurt with mango and walnuts.

This was the first time in my life to eat such THICK and CREAMY yogurt. Too thick and creamy until I stunned after the first spoon. I'm not a yogurt lover, but then after a few spoon I think the thick creamy texture of this yogurt is acceptable and goes very well with the mango and walnuts! I believe a yogurt lover will like this very much.

 See, I did enjoyed the yogurt. I smile.

After eating, we then walked around The Mugshot Cafe to do photo taking. The man is preparing the bagels with bacon and egg. Notice the oven which they used to bake/ heat up the bagels?

They are using firewood for the oven, not charcoal.

This is another section of the cafe if you walk further inside (after the bagel baking station). Only two tables are available and I think this is specially for group of people.

Very special decoration on the table.

The wall decorations.

Take a few seconds to look up and you will see this nice green colour painted windows. I don't know this is a triple-storey shoplot.

One of the special lamp decoration.

The other decoration at the corner of the cafe which give people cozy feeling.

So, I supposed a mug shot is a must when u pay a visit to The Mugshot Cafe. Fun seeing people taking mug shot and fun reading their written criminal charges.

And this was my mug shot. Charged due to eating too much corn?!

And tadaa, he is my partner in crime. Dummy look. 

We then left the cafe after taking the mug shot. Had a great time.

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  1. Yea, the bagels are good but i don't think the yogurts are that great though, i had kiwi honey which was way too sweet to my liking, i was expecting something more worth the value at a ripped off price of rm10 each

    1. Ken
      The yogurt by itself isn't sweet, I guess it is the honey which makes the yogurt tastes too sweet. Try mangoes and walnut, not sweet though and I like the crunchy walnuts.

  2. haha! Nice idea with the mugshots