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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lately, I have been seeing so many pictures and friends check in at Butter + Beans. After surfing the internet only I know coffee and freshly baked pastries are what they are famous for. It is located at BG-1a, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13 at Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya. So near to where I currently stay and Ernest drawing is there too!

I like Ernest Zacharevic drawing arts. Hence, it is a must to drop by Butter + Beans at Seventeen to look for his mural painting. Furthermore, a cup of coffee for a lazy Saturday evening (after taking a short nap) is really great. Tadaa, my wish came true! The mural painting is on the wall outside of Butter + Beans. However, I don't really understand the meaning behind this mural painting -. -

This is part of the decorations at the outside of Butter + Beans.

Butter + Beans is rather small (the size) as compared to other cafe. Three quarter of space inside is occupied by the pastries/coffee station. With that, you can imagine very limited seats are available. There are only two small wooden tables and one long table inside the cafe which I think can fit maximum only 8 persons (I had missed out the photo of this).

And the following photo is to share with you some of the decoration or details inside Butter + Beans. The most eye-catching one would be the huge bear and drink menu drawing by chalk.

They have been featured in Time Out Kuala Lumpur.

Free wifi is available too. But very unfortunately the wifi doesn't work during my visit as well as the air-conditioning. So I had a bad time sitting and sweating inside the cafe. 

The puffy eyes and plump face after a short nap in the evening. But I like this photo with two nice cups of coffee with art. This photo basically shows you what I had ordered.

Mocha RM 11. I like this mocha from the first sip to the end. I'm not a regular heavy coffee drinker and I barely accept coffee which is bitter. However, the taste of this mocha just nice for me to cope with - neither not too sweet nor too bitter.

Cappuccino RM 9. Rich tasting and hence the bitterness. Not so pleasing to my taste buds but my friend likes it this way.

Raspberry orchid cake which caught my attention (RM10). Slightly dry and "powdery" but delicious. Besides cakes, Butter + Beans is offering a varieties of freshly baked pastries and breads such as croissant, Raspberry tart, cinnamon roll, fig tart etc.

What do you think about Butter + Beans? Have you try their pastries and coffee? Please share your thoughts and recommendations with us. 

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    1. yupez, and he draw a few.. some in Food Foundry Cafe and some in Bangsar. I will blog about it soon hehe. :)

  2. Haven't been to Section 17 for so long. It's where my first home in Selangor is. I'm so glad that I stayed there during my college days. :)

    1. Then drop by Section 17 whenever you are free hehe

  3. looks quite vintage, nice sharing~

  4. Thank for your visit to my blog~
    Nice post =)

  5. come to visit your blog, as you've left comment in cari forum to me... :)
    nice meeting you

  6. Oh, didn't know there's a new cafe in Section 17 PJ! Sounds like one of those cafes in Penang what with the mural drawings! : )

  7. seems like a very nice place to chill with friends. Hopefully its not too crowded la :)

  8. I love this place too. I'll make it a point to visit whenever I'm around that area .