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Monday, December 15, 2008

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My horoscope : Aries...

Here i wanted to share with u all the Aries love horoscope : Aries characteristics and Aries personalities...

Aries Characteristics and Aries Personality

The Aries Sign love compliments and tend to gravitate towards unrestricted, lively people. They are outgoing and active. If you plan a date with an Aries, be prepared to stay out late and have some fun, as they are filled with energy, and love excitement.

Generally, an Aries like to think of themselves as intellectuals, therefore, the best way to excite an Aries Sign is to approach them on a intellectual level. They are aggressive and passionate. However, be forewarned that an Aries has a tendency to be jealous and when in love, wants quite a bit of our time, if not all of it. They love to be asked for their advice and will give you as much time, guidance, and sympathy that you need. Their advice is usually given straight forth and without hesitation.

Although they are frank and candid, an Aries will gladly share their opinions with you.

An absolute definite way to end a relationship with an Aries is to start dictating or even more so, dominating them. People under the Aries Astrology hate it. In addition, never give them orders. Not only do they not take orders well, but most likely they won't even listen.

Known to be independent, the Aries will be a trustworthy, loyal and exciting partner.

What do u think about me after u read this..?

It fit and match with my personalitees well..? Feel free to leave some comment..

I can know myself better from this..

Always improve myself..

No one is perfect...


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  2. i am aquarius anyway i seldom ready about horoscope. u really believe it?

  3. I dono leh....
    cos ...
    cos...... sigh

  4. I'm a libra!!
    What does that mean, connie?

  5. Wow alot of the description matches your characteristics...i have to agree with it.
    Well hope negative ones is not real :p
    How bout checkin' mine?? hahahaa!

  6. i am sagitarius ...many horoscope say that aries n sagi 配合度 100%...haha believe or not?
    i believe horoscope 1...88.888888% accurate 1..
    i'm not very sure about u la...if only u... date me out, let me know u more la..haha...i date u oso can 1, but u r very busy 1...