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Friday, December 5, 2008

On 8:36 PM by Connie Lam     3 comments
Attended Kokorobox.net 3rd anniversary birthday bash at Port Dickson on 11th October 2oo8 (2 D 1 N)..

I joined this Kokorobox.Net forum since 2oth of December year 2007 and this was the first time i attending event/gathering in the forum..
Joining this birthday bash took me a lot of guts due to the reason i never meet with any friends from forum previously and there were total of 37 persons who joined this..
And so i asked Chai Ling and Jennifer go along with me..

♥ Connie at Port Dickson ....

Special thanks to Kenny who drove me there and ivy as well. They two are so easy-going and friendly. We had a pleasant chat when we took our lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

♥ Connie and Chai Ling ~~ <3

I felt ashamed for being too quiet and bashful most of the time and thus i don't really mix well with them.
So sorry for the lacks of communication during the trip though quite many of them being so friendly take initiative and "trying hard" to talk with me but i seems not responsive, just smile/laughing >.<'"
Perhaps this was the first time i met them and i felt strange.

Alright, again im lazy to go into details about what we do during the trip LOLx...
Photos tell thousand words xD

Day 1 ~~

♥ Nice ~

♥ Awesome scene captured by L.K.

♥ Chai Ling & me...

♥ I leave my footprints there ~ :)

♥ The 5 pinkish ladies at the beach ~~xD

♥ We love pink?

♥ Keiko, me, Joey and Jasmine ~~

♥ Clinston and me.....

♥ We found this jelly fish before we leave the beach... >.<''

♥ A great night at the beach~~

Day 2 ~

♥ Chit-chatting in the living room before we head back to kl.....

♥ Another nice art by chai ling....

♥ Jennifer, me, Ivy, Kenny and the sexy boy Clinston ~~ xD

♥ A small group photo....

Anyway, this trip is considered sweet and great minus the polluted beach side at Teluk Kemang which is dirty, unhygienic and disappointed me and also the insufficient foods. I will still cherish all the memories with u guys and keep them fondly in my mind. Nice meeting u all.

♥ Miss ya all ~~~ <3


  1. I agree..! I noe u hv fun too~ tis is greatly a memorable, there's alot of sweet memories in the trip,regardless of tat dirty beach lol.
    Didn regret i join the gathering