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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On 12:18 PM by Connie Lam     6 comments
Have u watch Bolt- the top-rated super dog movie ?
U shouldn't miss it.. Watch it and have a good day guaranteed ;D

BOLT this movie was enjoyable all around, i found it entertaining, touching and genuine, is a really good movie for all ages...
It is pretty much at par with the great animated films Wall-E, the animations that conquered my heart..
I watched it with a geng of my friends in GSC One Utama last sunday....

Movie : BOLT
Movie ratings : ★★★

Bolt is the star of a popular TV show in which he plays a canine with amazing superpowers like heat vision, super speed, and even a super bark. Unfortunately he has no idea that his superpowers aren’t real. The real adventure begins when he is accidentally shipped from Hollywood lot to New York City..

♥ Bolt- a modern-day action hero..

♥ A dog's superpower lies in his loyalty to the owner he loves (Penny).

♥ Mitten - a brash, street-wise cat who is taken prisoner by Bolt and forced to accompany him on his cross-country mission..

♥ Rhino- a diehard super fan of Bolt's syndicated adventures, sealed within his trusty plastic hamster ball.. He is cute!! xD


  1. I wonder why no cat on the poster. the cat had company Bolt in the whole journey. Just Bolt and Rhino had been seen. the rhino is really funny character.

  2. i like the movie...bolt is very cute hahaha! its very funny too especially intro part when he fight with the baddies lolx!
    and tat rhino doesnt look like me at all ><"

  3. i long time no watch movie liao...
    i oso wan watch this movie, i wan watch 3D de...but quite expensive 1..
    can sponsor me some? huhaha

  4. i watched it d.. so nice and cute.. i reli like that rhino when it scolding the ppl.. instead the ppl heard the hamster "chip"-ing

  5. cutest part is when bolt beg for food at d caravan... hillarious... :)

  6. havent.. no people wanna watch..wif me...