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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Last Sunday, i went to The 3rd Malaysian International Pets & Aquactics Exhibition which held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre after we had our toothsome lunch at Zanmai Sushi (Photos taken in Zanmai sushi not with me so Im not gonna share it in this post). At first i thought it was free entrance until the guard stopped us from entering into the exhibition halls, damn paiseh. For ur information, the entrance ticket was only RM5 for adult and RM2 for children, worth it :)

I had quite a lots of fun and i never expected that i can see so many rare species of cats in the exhibition. In fact, they were there with the owners for The 3rd Pet World Malaysia Cat Beauty Competition which organized by Kelab Kucing Malaysia, Federation Internationale Feline (FIFE). Okay although i dislike cats and feels that they looks evil but i dun hate them either. Have a look on the picture below. P/s: sorry for the blurry picture as i didn't bring my camera along. Just snapped with the poor 2.0 megapixel windows phone cam.

.♥ This was the first cat i spotted on with such a special fur. It looks like wearing a coat. Maybe u can't see it through this picture but it really amazed me. It is so damn pretty.

.♥ This was the second cat i spotted on and im shocked. I don't know which part of it looks like a cat. It looks scary instead.

.♥ Another cat with leopard-like-spot. So cute and what a special pose it has.

.♥ This one the fatty cat. Reminds me of Garfield.

.♥ Another fatty cat. Its size is bigger than my body. Unbelievable. And look at the picture below.

.♥ I was like "Ohhh myy gooodnneesss" . So damn fat and cute!! haha

I don't know if u know about Gecko or not. But this was the first time i get to know about them and also see a lots of species of them at this exhibition. It was really interesting but at the same time i felt kinda geli to look at them. I didn't take many picture of all the species one by one because there were too many people squeezing around.

.♥ One of the Gecko. There were many many other species in the other containers.

.♥ This one looks very special that's why i took a picture of it alone.

Another thing that attracted my attention was The 3rd Pet World Malaysia Dog Sports Competition which organized by Pet-N-You. This was my first time to have the chance to watch such competition and it was really amusing. *Thumbs up for this* Below are three of the videos that i recorded. Feels free to watch it.

There were many others animals such as cute cute rabbit, guinea pig, snake, birds and fish that u actually can see in the exhibition. There were many booth too and im sure that u can get cheap foods, products and accessories for ur pets. Next year i will go again :) And another thing that surprises me was the Nirvana pet memorial garden. Geng wor.. A better place to put ur pet to rest. A place where u can bid ur final farewell and revisit sweet memories always. Really geng.

Overall, a superb sunday hehe :D


  1. how come i didnt know about this?
    it must be so cuteee! (the cats only)

  2. when i visit midvalley i always drop by the center.. haha.. =)

  3. too bad ipoh doesnt have this type of exhibition.. i love to see them too..

  4. hihi, nanged.

    ghee.. the 2nd cat looks like its from Egypt... :P

    once i saw a cat near my place with a yellow and a blue eye... is it normal?? :S


  5. awesome. many pet display. haha

    btw, i tag you a award. come n get it~


  6. i dont know bout this event geh T.T my sis is a cate lover and she definitely will go gaga on those catssss.. LOL