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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Day 2

My rabbit CNY day 2 was really short, short as in the celebration is short. Supposed to go Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands but trip plans cancelled due to some unwanted circumstances. So I just had a very scrumptious lunch with my family then drove back to KL alone to meet and pick my bf. Such an unlucky day for him because his car broke down at highway while he is on the way back to Mentakab.

Tadaa~ Share with u all the palatable foods cooked/prepared by my beloved mom.

.♥ Lettuce, a-must-eat-vege during Chinese's festival
.♥ Steamed fish

.♥ Sliced chicken

.♥ Vegetables

.♥ Mixed vegetables with mushroom

.♥ Sea cucumber with pork

.♥ Fried pork rib 
.♥ Pork bellies soup with abalone

My Rabbit's CNY day 2 was really too short. And the time to gather with friends and family is really insufficient. Sigh.

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