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Sunday, March 13, 2011

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2011-03-03 Thursday

Had presentation/ progress report meeting in the morning till afternoon. I already felt sick since Wednesday night yet I still go to UM and attended the meeting. Feverish attacked me again after meeting hence took MC and went home. Had porridge for lunch and a long nap after home. Fever still, dizzy and nausea, therefore took another MC on the next day.

2011-03-04 Friday

Finally can have a long sleep. Feel so good that I don't have to go to work though I'm sick. I seriously need more rest now because next week onwards I'm going to be very busy and my work schedules damn pack. Sigh, tonnes of research works. Feeling better in the evening, so I cook old cucumber pork rib soup for myself.

The soup is really nice. I myself finished a two big bowls of it :) Thanks to my mum for bought me the pork ribs, hardly find in the KL/PJ. And yeah, I went to Pulau Ketam on Saturday. I will blog about it later. Stay tune ♥

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