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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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What an unlucky day for me sigh. Woke up so early in the morning and went to work with a super duper good mood even though it was raining outside and that's what a good weather for sleep. Was thinking Monday no blues and happy kick start of the week, who knows bad incident happened when I almost reached University of Malaya. My car gave a "deep kiss" to a Proton Waja. Alamak!! :(

It was my fault, I shouldn't have take the hp to call my friend while I'm driving and about to stop at the traffic light. This was what he said to me when he get down form his car "Xiao jie, what are you doing ohh? You still haven't wake up from your sleep is it?" I was so nervous and my heart beating fast. I don't know what to response hence I just keep on apologizing to the driver. Luckily there's no big damp on the car. Just a minor scratch on the car. And the driver forgave me. So this is the fortune that befell on the unfortunate? Sigh. Kind of phobia now to stop closely behind other cars.

Bad lucks haven't end yet. Another unlucky incident happened as well in the evening. My colleague was tidying her ring files on top of the rack. Alright it just so unlucky that the files happened to fall from the rack and hit on my right arm .____. Ouchhhhh! So damn painful! And now there's blue black on my arm. Sighhhh! But why is she laughing when she is apologizing? I believe she don't do it on purpose. 

What an unlucky day! :( I need more lucks.


  1. if i purposely drop it on u, sure i lafu n apologise la hahahaha..

  2. so means she did it on purpose? or that's natural response of human? normally ppl feel funny before worry .___.

  3. After an unlucky day, there will be more lucky days!! Chin up. :)

  4. About the file falling part, was she laughing or just smiling? If that's the case then I suppose she's just feeling sorry to you. :)

    Anyway, at times when bad things happen, good ones would come to you after that. So cheer! :D