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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Helloo from Penang again and it's my day 5 in Penang :) Holiday mode still ON hehe. 

Penang island, also known as "Pearl of Orient", offers the best of Malaysian street foods or better known as hawker foods. This is why we referred it as food capital of Malaysia or foods heaven, undoubtedly. And I guess everyone knows what are the top picks in Penang and where to eat. But it's been one big headache, I dunno where to eat in Penang at night time and I only thought of the famous hawker center in Gurney Drive. 

This hawker center in Gurney Drive has a collection of stalls selling all the specialties of Penang but I would say the foods here are not the best that Penangites will purposely go for. Besides, there are also a lots of stylish and elegant cafe, bars and restaurants along the seaside.

First thing I ordered here is the satay, not so nice. U might feel curious why am I ordered satay in the first place before other scrumptious foods. It's just one of my favorite food and they served it fast, just an appetizer while I need to wait for a long queue for the famous char kuey teow here :D

While waiting for the char kuey teow, I bought myself popiah. This is my first time to try on this special popiah which serves together with soup. I don't really like it because the soup makes the thin and almost translucent skin becomes soft and tasteless. The stuffing becomes soft too and ain't taste good. 

We get this fried kuey teow finally after queued and waited for half an hour. Nice one but still I preferred the one in Lorong Selamat - sisters char kuey teow. I will blog about this later.

Laksa is another must-eat-food in Penang. This is the best laksa that I had in Penang. I like its sour and tangy taste, thick with fish meat with a spoon of fish paste and generously garnished with sliced vegetables including onions, cucumbers, red chillis, mints etc. Heavenly taste! *thumbs up*

This fried oyster omelette (Oh Chien) also excellent. I love its fluffy eggy omellete and the fresh juicy oysters. For Oh Chien, I always prefer the one with gooey stick base instead of crispy base.

Another special food in Penang, the chee cheong fun. It's so different from the one I had in KL, it doesn't served together with other ingredients like fish ball, fish cake, fu zhuk etc. Unlike the Hong Kong style also, it is devoid of any meat. It only served with three basic sauces - sweet sauce, shrimp paste and chilli sauce along with a dash of oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds.This is the way Penangites enjoy the chee cheong fun. For me, I enjoy it only with the sweet sauce. Not bad but I can't eat much, too sweet for me.

I ordered century egg as well. I like this together with sliced ginger. 

Last but not least, we ordered a fruit platter :) Be healthy but too bad we can't finish it, stomach too filled with foods.

We bought this roasted dry squid too. Nice one :) 

After that, we take a walk along Gurney Drive to enjoy the sea breeze. So satisfied and so relaxing.


  1. I agree with you, gurney drive stalls is a rip off, but they have plenty of seats available.... should consider other food courts too, i prefer the one in macalister road

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  3. I make sure I go to Gurney drive while in Penang. Just that now a days, you have bring the food over after its prepared as they don't provide this service anymore.