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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On 4:36 PM by Connie Lam     8 comments
Have u watch the TVB series "My sister of eternal flower"? I myself haven't watch yet and I didn't know there's cute pig pig 猪  toys in the series until my Facebook is overwhelming with the pig pig 猪 posts on the wall. They attracts my attention and I randomly clicked on a photo album. Ohh gosh, they are so adorable. A family of pig which consists of pig pig daddy, pig pig mummy, two pig pig sisters and pig pig brother. I'm interested to purchase a one whole set of it and I start searching for it. Kinda worry of the quality of the toys because they are all hand-made and u can't judge from the picture.

Luck is with me this time :D What a coincident that my friend happened to go Hong Kong to attend a course for 3 weeks. Hence I drop him a mission which is helping me to search for the pigs in Hong Kong. And yea yeap yupez ! He managed to find one dealer and bought me a one whole set which he claims that they are the best in Hong Kong. *So Happy*

Tadaaa, I'm going to share with u the pictures :) So cute isn't it? I couldn't find any in Malaysia that time, but now I see it almost everywhere here in Malaysia in shopping mall. Still I love mine the most which imported from Hong Kong hehe :D

Pig Pig Family

Pig Pig Daddy

Pig Pig Brother

Pig Pig Mummy

Pig Pig Sister

Pig Pig Sister


  1. i love piggies plushies! can i have one of them? :p

  2. ohh..its a family of 5..just bought this pig last night for my friend. .

  3. Lovely original pig pig! I only got a big one from pasar malam here.. haha XD

  4. lol. happy pig? girls really like this kind of soft toy.

  5. fuah..you actually got the PIG PIG ZHU..


  6. i saw dis pigpig at pasar malam on last monday!!!
    wana ask roommate buy dis4my convo's present xD

  7. ah!! I loveee piggy !!! ^_^ so cute!!! blog hopping at your site today! wee~~

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