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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On 3:34 PM by Connie Lam in     8 comments
Went to watch movie with my brother, Shireen and Julian after buffet-ing in Jogoya..

Movie : Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun Li
Ratings : ★

I have to start this movie review with a word - disappointed..
If u want to go and watch this movie because u are a big fan of Street Fighter, you seriously will be disappointed..
The storyline is terrible, the pacing is awful, the acting is horrid..
Worst ever movie i have seen..?
I only enjoyed seeing the pretty Kristin Kreuk (Chun-Li) in this film.. *pengsan*

I'm not going to watch neither Watchmen nor DragonBall Revolution..


  1. Don't worry, both Watchmen and Dragonball are so far better than chunLi

  2. Supersenior!!

    u perempuan leh,, oso watch violent muvi ah?


  3. hai. long time no drop by. how are u?

    i just watch watchmen last week. to me is nice but be mind that the movie very violence and many censord language and act.

    i dont think wanna watch dragon ball after i watch this SF movie.

  4. Emmm...but seem like those picture u post ... this action movie like not so bad bo ::)

  5. if u were about to leave, then onli ppl realise ur presence n ask u to stay.. wuld u?

  6. my fwen said..dragonball evolution also tak best laa...

    ape movie best...?

    cute Kristin Kreuk...so cute~~

  7. for me..i find this movie quite nice but of cause the fact is there a bit modified on the storyline..but i found it acceptable because of capcom is really behind the scence to redirecting the shoot..compare to jean clase vandam version street fighter i like this one more..kekekeke