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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On 7:59 PM by Connie Lam     7 comments

Unlucky! Unlucky! I involved in a minor car accident with a motorcycle during the first day of Chinese New Year. Guess this year the luck is not with me. The motorcycle passenger claimed that I'm wrong because I'm taking a right turn and they were on the straight road direction. But hey, u bumped on me on the opposite lane not on the lane u were driving. And u do not own a driving license, with a passenger and I pretty sure u were driving very fast.

And what more upset me was the polices/ traffic polices. These polices who came not even ask for clarification how the accident happens. And they not even bother to look at the broken glasses and my signal light on the road to measure and to judge who is wrong in the first place. Then came and told us both car and motorcycle also should take the responsibilities. Alright, whatever, I got no mood and I just accept then. And when we requested to make a police report so that I can claim my car insurance. U know what the police tells me? "I can write a report for u, but don't involve the motorcycle." What is this? Why I shouldn't have report her? She is wrong and she got no driving license. And she don't even dare to let me know her I/C number. Just because u listen to the bullshit that her dad just passed away last month and u feel pathetic for her? U r lucky that I was so nervous that time and I do not know ur police identity number else I'm going to report u.

Just a reminder or advice here, please do not drive if u do not own a license even though u think ur driving skill is so damn good. 

Mood totally ruined.


  1. You should have just make a police report about it if I were you.

  2. yeah I should. Regret for not making a police report. Was too nervous and got shocked at that moment

  3. The police call you not to make a police report just want to get extra money from you. But at least nothing bad happen and you can celebrate CNY ^^

  4. You had a unlucky CNY. And meeting an unsatisfying police. Nvm ba. Everything is over, I believe the better tomorrow is coming.

  5. what a bad luck, your Transformer Kenari no Tranform and help you? :P Is time to join Decepticons :D

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  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog

    gosh...what a bad luck :(