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Monday, February 6, 2012

On 4:39 PM by Connie Lam in     4 comments

Is it really true that the handsome Mr and pretty miss eggs can only standing on the flat surface during the day of the beginning of spring or 立春? I don't know but I would like to give a try after seeing everyone posting all those eggs standing photos on Facebook :DD

Surprisingly I managed to make an egg stand after a several attempts :) "He" looks handsome now than usual hehehe. Okay I know you are feeling lonely standing alone. I should bring u a company.

And here comes the second egg. Okay, the first Mr.Egg now u no longer lonely :D

And after few ten minutes, more and more are joining Mr.Egg hehehhe. I'm addicting on let the eggs stand hahaaaa. Very fun indeed :P

You see. The eggs can really stand on the flat surface, even on the stool. *awesome awesome*

A really fun night. A day to be remembered :DD

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  1. haha stands those egg with your love one can be fun too ya! haha

  2. ahahahaha good to see that XD

    nice -thumbsup-

  3. Too bad I don't have eggs to play with that day :P Should decorate those eggs next time and put them all up together, so cool! HEHE :P

  4. The egg probably stand due to http://www.madscientist001.blogspot.com/