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Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have u lou sang with ur family and friends yet? :D

Lou sang is a must during Chinese New Year celebration. It also commonly known as yee sang, yuu shang or yu sheng, whichever u like to name it. P/S: Sorry I don't know what it called in English ><" I don't explain here what this dish consists of and what's the meaning of each ingredients because I guess everyone knows it. If u don't know, ask ah gong ah maa heheheee or google it lahhh :P

I went for a lou sang dinner with my labmates/colleagues before CNY, before everyone goes back to hometown (right after my postgraduate seminar :D). A total of seven of us. We don't know any other restaurant which serves good foods and lou sang, hence we went to the nearest one, New Paris Restaurant which located at PJ SS2. 

We go for the smallest yuu shang, RM33. Small yuu shang shared by 7 peoples. No choice, students are poor, we are poor and so we need to save $$$ :D Their yuu shang not bad though. *Thumbs up* The price reasonable or not, I'm not so sure.

We ordered this scrambled egg with shrimps, RM12. As we just tried their scrambled egg with bitter gourd few days ago. This dish really has only egg and shrimp, maybe they should have add some onions.

 Vegetables, RM9. 

Their signature tofu. Fried tofu with minced pork, RM12. This is awesome. One of my favorite dish in this restaurant.

Teochew steamed fish, RM26. Hmmm the gravy is nice but the fishy smell of the fish is too strong which a little bit spoil the dish.

Last but not least, the receipt. A total of RM116.80 for 7 persons. I would say this is quite cheap and reasonable. Worth the $$. 

Satisfied with the dinner. We had joy and fun 


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