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Saturday, May 5, 2012

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*Happy mood* Finally I had my very first Gong Cha signature milk green tea after I tried Chatime and Ochado (blog post link: http://connie-stillbelieve.blogspot.com/2012/03/2012-03-18-ochado-roasted-milk-tea.html). I don't know why, I'm really fond of all these kind of drinks especially the pearl milk tea, best if with glass jelly #kenapoison

As shown in the pictures below, this is Gong Cha singnature milk green tea. It consists of three layers I think. Milk froth on top, followed by green tea in the middle and herbal jelly at the bottom. Should I mix it or just drink like that? #blurblur

After I had mixed it, then only I saw this little sticker and decided to read the words on it. And now, it's too late for me to enjoy their milk tea in the 3 recommended ways. First is to sip the freshly brewed tea through the milk froth without a straw. My milk froth is gone haih T.T sobsob. Second step is to slurp some tea followed by the milk through the straw for a smooth aftertaste. Last is to stir and enjoy a perfect blend of milky froth and aromatic tea. It is not perfect anymore because I accidentally skipped the first two steps.

This is how it looks like after I mixed it. For me it is too milky and so the aromatic green tea taste gone. I felt a little bit disappointed but still it is a good try. Opinions above plainly just my two cents because I prefer foods/ drinks with heavier taste and not too milky. This signature milk green tea still the top selling drink as well as the Gong Cha winter melon house special milk tea. Go and try and u might falling in love with it, who knows? I'm gonna try the winter melon milk tea next time as well as their pearl milk tea.

Gong Cha SS15, see you! :)


  1. me always go ss15 gong cha also zzz :X

  2. try normal green tea! Very nice!

  3. Long time no drinks their signature cover milk.. forgot how the taste going on.. keke

  4. Love this milk tea too, regular customer at Gong Cha ss15 Subang Jaya =D