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Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Have you ever heard of Trick Art Museum? It is an art gallery where paintings on walls and floors are captured in three dimensions (3D). Sounds interesting isn't it? Now we have this first and only Trick Art Museum in Malaysia, located at I-City Shah Alam. For your information, this 8,000 sq ft Trick Art Museum has 5 themes: Masterpieces, Egyptian, Marine Life, Animal Kingdom and Modern Classic. It opens daily from 11am to 11pm.

Two weeks ago, I was glad that I have the chance to visit this Trick Art Museum together with my family and it was free admission. Because it was free entry, so we were only allowed to explore the ground floor masterpieces and Egyptian themes trick art. I will share some of the interesting trick art here but please pardon me for the not-so-good-quality of photos. I'm still using the very old model Canon Ixus digital camera -.-"

The entrance of Trick Art Musuem.
Now I'm going to introduce you the Masterpieces theme hand drawn 3D images. This is the first painting we encountered when we stepped into the museum. Damn cool right? I'm not sure if they name all the trick art. I didn't notice about this, guess I'm not observant enough -.-
And then my brother and I were trying to act to get a good snap. But I think the trick art doesn't looks to be alive at this angle -.- Our attempt failed terribly.  Let's guess we were trying to pull up or pull down his pant?
Now present to you the second masterpiece. Does it looks real for you?
This is an example of the photo provided by them. So then at least you have some idea on how to pose and snap.
The third masterpiece which attracted my attention the most. This is very interesting. From certain angle u can snap a very great mirror image of you and your friends. P/S: please ignore the kid in the photo, he is not supposed to be there =.=
The snap of the third trick art from another angle. Please see pictures below on how you should pose to capture a mirror image on camera.

This is an example of photo provided by the Trick Art Museum, a success pose attempt. Very cool mirror image isn't it? And a little suggestion I would like to include here, please make sure you and your friends are at least wearing the same pattern and color of outfit if u want to snap a good mirror image picture of this. Or maybe having the same hair style and body size too. Else the images u get going to be a fail one as shown in the picture below -.-
An example of the fail attempt. My sister and I do not have the same hair style and we were wearing a totally different type and color of outfit. Even though we have an awesome pose (I personally thinks that our pose is awesome lol), but the outcome of the mirror image photo failed. Now you should have a better idea on the reasons why and what I had suggested to you above.
The fourth creative masterpiece. The first frame is actually an empty frame for you to pose. P/S: My brother's girlfriend was really brave to pose. Thumbs up.
The fifth and last masterpiece which I'm going to share with you. Want to be an artist in painting? Just pose and everyone can be one haha.
I'm drawing Mona Lisa, no kidding. Looks real? 
Now let's explore the Egypt world and I will let the pictures do the talking.

Doubtlessly a pleasant day I spent with the family. We had an amazing time and lotsa fun to pose and snap with the paintings. So, are you ready to spark your imagination and creativity to interact with the paintings? I will definitely visit the Trick Art museum again to explore the remaining three themes. I guess there will be more trick arts which will surprise me.

Till then, stay tuned


  1. Quite cool!!! Like the ones I saw on FB in other countries

  2. w0www! i definitely want to go when i go down kl! =DDD

  3. do we need to pay?

  4. who is the artist?!

  5. I really enjoyed this place.worth visiting