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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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I felt so blissful to own this Jay Chou [ J Moment] album. It was pre-ordered and imported from Taiwan through Jay's fan page. According to my friend, this album was not selling in Malaysia (not so sure though). Hence, this album is really precious for me especially when this version of album comes with the exclusive J Moment perfume. The album shape is elongated, just like a box of chocolate with Jay Chou handsome face gracing the cover.

And photo below shown how it looks like when u open up the album box of chocolate. Look at the design of the 64 pages booklet which contains Jay Chou rare off-shot photos, simple yet cool. While the thing on the right side is the J Moment perfume I mentioned above.

Tadaa here a closer shot of the perfume (20 ml in volume). There is actually a very small and cute ship inside the perfume, can u spot that (try focus on the bottom right corner)?

And these are the music video DVD. J Moment album offers a total of 20 music videos collectively from his previous album, [The Era 2010] and [Exclamation Mark 2011].

And here I'm going to share with you the song list in the first music video DVD. Noticed that clips of behind-the-scenes footage also included in this DVD. Song no.2 is my favorite.

Song list for the second DVD and I can't resist myself from stop listening to song no.3 Mine Mine. 

"Group photo" of [J Moment] 

Last but not least, one of my favorite Jay Chou photo in the booklet.

*HAPPY* Can you feel my happiness? Anyway, I supposed to blog and share about this few months back. But due to the hassle of research student life, I forced to abandon my little blog and put this aside. Now I'm finally done with this to jot down another worthwhile happiness moment in my life  
P/s: Sorry for the damn poor quality of photos -.-