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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Boy: I broke up with her.
His Best Friend: What happened?

Boy: She’s just too much for me.
His Best Friend: What makes you say that? What did she do wrong?
Boy: Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure..
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you tosee that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see..
Boy: Oh.. Well..She’d often call me or text me asking where I am, who I’m with, telling me not to smoke, not to drink. She’s so clingy!
His Best Friend: So,you broke her heart because she cares about your well being? Because she cares about you a lot? And her greatest fear is losing you. I see..
Boy: But.. Uhh.. Well, she’d always cry when I say something slightly mean. She can’t handle anything. She’s a crybaby!
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she has feelings? And because she just wanted to hear you say you love her? I see..
Boy: I.. Well! You know, she’d get jealous easily. I could barely talk to other girls! She’s so annoying! I had to hide it from her.
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she just wanted you to commit to her? She thought you were faithful, but you lied so she could find out later and hurt even more? She just wanted the guy she loves the most to love only her. I see..
Boy: Well, she..
His Best Friend: You broke up withher because she’s good for you? She just wanted the best for you? She’s broken now because you were selfish. Are you proud?
Boy: I broke her heart.. Because I couldn’t see what was happening.. What happened to me?
His Best Friend: You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could. You see? You didn’t want her when all she ever wanted was you. THAT’S what happened..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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What a blue kick start of the week. Really Monday blues sobsob. I had a horrible nightmare last night which causes me didn't sleep well for the whole freaking night.

I witnessed a murderer which involved a relationship (the boyfriend kills the girlfriend and then the girlfriend kills the boyfriend) and then in the end I don't know why I been accused that I'm one who assists this murder. And then the dream suddenly switched to another scene where I, together with my mother, saw a very serious accident. Many people sitting at the roadside and suffering severe injuries and bleeding all over the body. And then the dream switched to another situation where I get lost in a housing area. Couldn't find the way out and I don't know where suppose to be the destination. My heart feeling very uneasy since I woke up in the morning and I suffering fatigue. 

Why I have such weird horrible dream? I then shared with my friends and they found some dream interpretation from the website for me. Here are the interpretation:

1. To dream that you witness a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate.

2. To dream of a car accident symbolizes your emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears. Are you "driving" yourself too hard? Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path.

3. To dream that you are lost suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals. You may be feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking in life. If you try to call for help, then it means that you are trying to reach out for support. You are looking for someone to lean on. Alternatively, being lost means that you are still adjusting to a new situation in which the rules and conditions are ever changing.

Damn, the interpretation seems so true and reflects what am I facing now -.- I seriously need to look into the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Haih :(


Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Have u ever heard of Laser Tag? Friend bought the discount voucher from Groupon for ten of us. Feeling kinda nervous but also excited at the same time. A very exciting experience indeed. With that Groupon voucher, we were entitled for 3 indoor games and we decided to have two games which were the free for all game (you can shoot anyone randomly and see who got the higher score) and one which was the tournament game (5 members in one team, so we divided ourselves into two teams and see which team got the total highest score).  

These are the guys that went with us, Mr. Benny, Loong and Ooi. They were enjoying the chess game while waiting for the game. Ya, for your information they have one rest room for you to have some chitchat, play chess game,etc while waiting for your turn.

And this is the score board for you to check your own score as well as your shooting accuracy. Each one will have their own laser gun with the name and mine was "Dodger" in this game. I was in the top 3 hehe and let's look at my accuracy percentage, damn high one hehehe. Don't play play har :D

Picture below shows the indoor venue, the warzone. Laser tag is really a good game. It wont cause any pain. In other words, there's no risk for bruising or serious injuries (but please take good care also because u need to run around and it is kind of dark inside with just only those fluorescence light). The equipment also very easy to handle and very light, suitable for girls. Although each game only lasts 5 minutes/ 10 minutes (sorry I couldn't remember the exact game duration) but this short game enough to make your heart pumping  fast and exhausted because you will run a lot inside the warzone and it is really exciting. What a good exercise. I got body ache the next day -.- To be exact, not only me but all of us got body ache.

No lies, laser tag game really a very fun game. An unforgettable experience and I wanna go again next time (wait till there's cheap offer from Groupon again haha).
P/s: Reminder for you, do not wear in white to go for this game :D 
Between, you can always visit their official website for more information about the laser tag game.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

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*Happy mood* Finally I had my very first Gong Cha signature milk green tea after I tried Chatime and Ochado (blog post link: http://connie-stillbelieve.blogspot.com/2012/03/2012-03-18-ochado-roasted-milk-tea.html). I don't know why, I'm really fond of all these kind of drinks especially the pearl milk tea, best if with glass jelly #kenapoison

As shown in the pictures below, this is Gong Cha singnature milk green tea. It consists of three layers I think. Milk froth on top, followed by green tea in the middle and herbal jelly at the bottom. Should I mix it or just drink like that? #blurblur

After I had mixed it, then only I saw this little sticker and decided to read the words on it. And now, it's too late for me to enjoy their milk tea in the 3 recommended ways. First is to sip the freshly brewed tea through the milk froth without a straw. My milk froth is gone haih T.T sobsob. Second step is to slurp some tea followed by the milk through the straw for a smooth aftertaste. Last is to stir and enjoy a perfect blend of milky froth and aromatic tea. It is not perfect anymore because I accidentally skipped the first two steps.

This is how it looks like after I mixed it. For me it is too milky and so the aromatic green tea taste gone. I felt a little bit disappointed but still it is a good try. Opinions above plainly just my two cents because I prefer foods/ drinks with heavier taste and not too milky. This signature milk green tea still the top selling drink as well as the Gong Cha winter melon house special milk tea. Go and try and u might falling in love with it, who knows? I'm gonna try the winter melon milk tea next time as well as their pearl milk tea.

Gong Cha SS15, see you! :)