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Monday, July 22, 2013

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2013-07-21 Sunday

I'm never a big fans of nail painting. But today really a little big strange because for no reason I get myself nail polish and nail polish remover at Nature Republic. Nature Republic's Color Waltz nail polishes did caught my attention. There is a wide variety of colour and each of it costs only RM 5.90. With the buy 2 free 1 promotion, you can get 3 nail polishes at RM 11.80 only! Without think twice, I chosen the scarlet orange and apple green colour nail polish. These two colour are the fashion trend now. So the whole Sunday night I'm busy with nail painting. 

This light colour nail polish is not easy to apply. My first attempt failed terribly and the mark of brush can be seen clearly on the nails. My second attempt turned out to be better by applying thicker nail polish. But then, I didn't know it will take longer time to dry so everything ruined when I try to apply for second layer. I started to get a little bit tired with nail painting. But luckily my third attempt success. By just applying the nail polish itself, the outcome looks too nude too ordinary. So I added some glitter to the tips. Great combination and I like my own DIY nail art design :D 

My fingernails and toenails look sweet now. #satisfied. Nail painting can be so fun although it does make me feeling tired. Guess from now on I will buy more nail polish to try or watch tutorial on youtube. So then next time I wont be in a mess during nail painting. Or perhaps I should go for manicure and pedicure.


  1. I can understand that you are from not wealthy family from what you wrote but tend to ask attention from people. Please stop using cheap stuff like these, looking cheap. Maybe you are still student? Please start working since you're 27 this year?

  2. Connie, omg!! Can't believe I just stumbled across your blog only recently. Lol! I love your nails, btw!! Oh and Aunt May and Bill are back in Aussie, they send their regards

    To anonymous, whoever you are, as much as I would like to be civil, there really isn't much of a choice here. To put it lightly, you sure got some malicious intent there. Certainly immature and self-degrading regardless of whatever point you were trying to make. No idea what you are trying to achieve but please, as a favour to all humanity, grow up!

    Connie, just ignore whoever that is. They obviously have nothing better to do than go traipsing around people's blog and leaving silly comments. Anyways, take care xoxo ~Jennifer~