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Thursday, July 4, 2013

If you would like to read or know more about Sekinchan paddy field, please visit my previous blog post here

Bagan is the fishing village in Sekinchan and it is located right opposite Site B and Site C village. However, this fishing village ain't that impress me as compared to Pulau Ketam (I will share something about the Pulau Ketam trip very soon). I'm not sure if you can actually take a walk into the fishing village as I myself couldn't find the way. Hence, I just stopped by at the road side nearby the Redang Beach (opposite Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort Sekinchan) to do a quick photoshooting at the fishing village. Below are some of the fishing village photos which I would like to share here to at least keep the blog content less tedious : 


After photo taking at the fishing village, we drove all the way further until the end of the road and we saw a beach, the Redang Beach (Pantai Redang). It was a surprise. I never expect there is a beach here in Sekinchan, how awesome. And so I spent more than an hour at this beach and hoping I can catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset. 

Another thing which come to my surprise was the tree houses at the beach. This was my first time seeing so many tree houses at the beach.


Among all the tree houses, I think this red one with a name "The Lucky Red House" is the most special one and it is occupied by people most of the time.

Apart from that, there are swing chairs around the red tree house where you can have fun sitting and enjoy the sea breeze. The swing chairs here are amazing, they were actually all made from broken plastic chairs and then tighten to rope. Thumbs up for the residents creativeness. 

There is also hammock behind the tree house. Maybe you can take a short nap here if you don't mind people watching you haha.

And then I would like to share a few photos of the view of Redang Beach in the evening, although we didn't manage to catch a beautiful sunset view.

And when was the last time you had this very classic ice-cream in cone? at the beach? Awesome. But I don't know why it melted so fast than usual. 

Remember those childhood days when you are so enthusiastic in collecting seashells by the seashore? Then you will bring them home and dump into a pail of water. Of course this time I didn't bring them home but just for the sake of fun and photo taking.

I really enjoy my time at the beach. It has been a while since my very last visit to beach at Krabi 2 years back. Now I started to miss Krabi and Bangkok. 

And before you leave Redang Beach, do not forget to take a photo of this. So then what about the foods for lunch and dinner? Due to the development of fishery industry, seafood has become the main local food and you can find many seafood restaurants here. 

I was searching for some nice seafood here for late lunch but most of the restaurant is closed except for the Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant. The owner of this restaurant claims that his restaurant is famous with the Teow Chew cuisines and he recommended us the Teow Chew style cooked shark meat (Shark is one of the special fish in the village). These tender shark meat slices with mild spiciness are so well-cooked and taste really good. 

Then for dinner, I can't remember which restaurant I dropped by. It is located at the corner and same row as Guan Seng Long Seafood Restaurant. We ordered 4 dishes: spicy eel (another special fish in the village), sizzling Japanese taufu, butter prawn and vegetables. However, the foods served are just normal. 

And here comes to the end of my one day trip to Sekinchan. I'm sure I will definitely drop by again for photo taking especially during the paddy plantation grow up time which falls on mid of March- mid of May or mid of Sept- mid of Nov for the whole green colour paddy field view. 


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