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Friday, July 12, 2013

Have you ever heard about NTV7 Feel Good Run? It is an annual charity-driven event organized by ntv7 in conjunction with their anniversary celebration. This year is their 3rd year of organizing the Feel Good Run. Honestly speaking, I'm not that into jog or run activity previously because I'm afraid of the muscle soreness felt which last at least a week after jog/run. But guess what? I started to go for jog in the park very frequently ever since I stop playing badminton as well as actively involves in many running event. Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 (PBIM) was my first marathon and the overwhelmed feeling was indescribable when I reached to the finish line. Awesome and how incredible! Never expect I can actually run (walk too) for 10km, but completed at 1 hour and 40 minutes. Since then, my friend encourages me to run more and eventually I started to get accustomed to running exercise. 

Without think twice, I signed up for this year ntv7 charity run - the 7km running category, together with my friends. Joining a non-competitive run event makes me feel more relax and the registration fees will be channelled to four different beneficiaries (Hospis Malaysia, Malaysian Rare Disorders Society, RKKTB and SPCA Selangor). So why not joining? :D Speaking of their running T-shirt, it is from Brooks. The color and the design of the shirt is nice (at least for me). 

And another special thing which worth a mention is the message bib. Runners can express themselves by writing their #dogoodfeelgood message on the bib and display it on the front of their running shirt. My message was "Greet life with verve! #Smile =)" We should live life enthusiastically, right? p/s: Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, it was taken from my instagram.
And these are the certificate of participation and medals for those who success to reach the finish line and I got mine. I spent a total of 51 minutes to complete the 7km run, not really excellent but I'm happy because there is improvement. 

Now I'm looking forward to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, which being postponed to 23rd of September. BSN Putrajaya night marathon will be another different experience because I never run at night. Can't wait for the Penang Bridge International marathon in November too.

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." ― John BinghamNo Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running


  1. Congratulations! I like the this year blue t-shirt. I joined the one in 2011, the shirt now end up as pyjama.. haha XD

  2. Good start :)
    I signed up for your next three runs as well.

  3. supposed to go run but woke up at 7.30am and then decided to ffk la :(

  4. Hi Peeps , Jason Goh here, I am looking for nTV 7 Feel Good Run 2013 Tshirt as my friends' birthday present. She could not make it last year and very keen to get the Tshirt as collection. Do you guys have any ideas where I can get it?
    Thank you very much.