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Sunday, August 18, 2013

11-08-2013 Sunday 

Georgetown Penang is really an amazing place. We had a splendid time during our last visit to Georgetown, exploring those interesting street arts as well as scrumptious foods. There are so many cafe with special concept mushroomed in the town that we would like to visit, for example, Sip & Chew Cafe. Sip & Chew Cafe (one of the cafe in our food hunting list) is a cozy cafe which located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown Penang. 

A few photos to share with you the interior of the cafe: 

We were there for their signature Happy Potted Plant which is actually an ice-cream cake. I named it flower pot ice-cream cake. There are only two choices of flavour during our visit to Sip & Chew Cafe: vanilla and green tea. We chosen the vanilla flavour Happy Potted Plant (the portion of one pot is for two person). The soil thing is actually smashed oreo. Underneath the oreo topping is vanilla ice-cream with a layer of cake at the bottom. They are 100% edible, except the rose. This is really an unique idea for turning ice-cream cake into an edible potted plant. However, the ice-cream cake is just ordinary.


We will visit Sip & Chew Cafe again to try their other foods. Heard that they are selling mille crepe too.


  1. Looks interesting but go penang so much food to eat, dont think got time for this!!! :(((

  2. lol I dun dare to eat flower pot :x

  3. for a second i tot is harry potter.. LOL btw too many cafe in penang, i never visit this before =S