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Thursday, August 15, 2013

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A short update:
Yesterday night (14-8-2013) was really great -feeling amused. Decided to have Carl's Jr famous star burger for dinner. Not really budget friendly but at least a hearty dinner. The fries is still good and irresistible although the burger quality seems not as good as it was, hmmmm. Then, head over to Snowflake to buy Ocha'Ryo before enter into cinema for the movie "Unbeatable". I'm now in love with Ocha'Ryo. The green tea blended ice really tickles my taste buds, but I still hate red beans. 

Speaking about "Unbeatable", it is a Hong Kong-Chinese film directed by Dante Lam. It was really a thrilling movie, with parts of scene which make your heart fluttering, at the same time brings a mixture loads of humor and tears. I personally like this movie very much and exciting to see both Nick Cheung and Eddie Peng in the movie. The fighting scenes in the Golden Rumble MMA championship either made me scream "arghhh" or hands cover both eyes, especially the part where Eddie hand and neck were broken. Scary zzz. Meanwhile, it is interesting to get to know more about MMA sport and the techniques utilized by fighters. In addition, Crystal Lee was really impressed me. Her acting skills were pretty good. Last but not least, not to forget to mention the moral behind this movie: You can always do something well if you set your mind and heart to it. 

Very enjoyable movie. Much better than many other movie. 


  1. Dante Lam? your far far away relative? XD

  2. i tot u are there to watch those muscular body.. =p