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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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My friends told me that Malaysia first all star interactive wax museum is now opening at I-City Red Carpet. It was a big surprise, but interactive? #uncertain. I then did some search on the internet and managed to find more information from The Star Online. There are a hundred of wax figurines of famous personalities around the world. They are all very lifelike and the faces are quite elastic. You can pinch and pull their faces. Seriously? I had been to the wax museum in Hong Kong (Madame Tussauds), but this first wax museum in Malaysia is comparable and more interesting because it is interactive? A sudden thought strikes me. What about the entrance fees? RM100 for adults and RM50 for children. For Malaysians with MyKad, the admission fees are RM80 and RM40, respectively. A bit pricey (for me). Still cannot decide whether to visit or not. Have you visit? Please share your thought whether it worth the $$ to go.

Photo taken from I-City official website.


  1. Yay! Finally an attraction that can be found in so many other countries! LOL

  2. wax museum? lol why does that reminds me of horror movie... >.<

  3. I feel its VERY pricey, i don't think i will pay that amount of money to see some wax :x