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Monday, November 18, 2013

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Farm In The City Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Have you ever heard of Farm In The City which located at Seri Kembangan? No? 
Then I would like to invite you to read my first blog post about Farm In The City and then continue with the exciting experiences here to their Butterfly Garden, Jungle Walk and Mood's Lake

So, the Mood's Lake is kind of big and it locates next to the indoor exhibition hall. The view of the lake is quite beautiful and I supposed we can find swan, duck, goose, shelduck, teal and pochard here, as shown in the banner below. However, we only managed to spot swan and one species of duck. It is alright because we are not so into geese and ducks anyway. Let the photos do the talking.

After exist from the indoor exhibition hall, there is a small path which will lead you to the Butterfly Garden. You can refer to the directory board photo which I posted in the first blog post about Farm In The City. The Butterfly Garden is inside a netted garden. 

This photo is to show you the interior of the Butterfly Garden. 

There are some banners inside the Butterfly Garden regarding the butterfly life cycle, anatomy of butterfly as well as information about butterfly feeding and the butterfly species.

Next, I'm going to share with you some of the butterfly shots which I managed to snap. I really like these beautiful and colourful butterflies and they are doubtlessly an excellent subject for photography. A short note to you: I found many butterflies are dead lying on the ground, so please watch your steps and try not to step on them -. -

There is a also a small pond inside the Butterfly Garden. You can find tortoises, millipede and chameleon in the Butterfly Garden as well.

Next to the Butterfly Garden is the Jungle Walk.

The interior of Jungle Walk. I'm still wondering why they named this as Jungle Walk. 

The main highlight in the Jungle Walk should be the African crested porcupine. They are damn big in size but cute. You don't have to worry that they will attack you because they are inside an enclosed area with glass walls. 

With the exception of African crested porcupine, other animals inside the Jungle Walk are room free. You can find animals like peacock, iguana, tortoise, the world smallest species of madoqua, and etc.

So, do you like the butterfly garden, Mood's lake and jungle walk in Farm In The City? I will share with you more about Farm In The City in the upcoming post. First, the Pets Village where you can enjoy longkang fishing, fish feeding as well as rabbits and hamsters feeding. Second, the vegetable and fruit farm which includes ostrich, pigeon house, well, scarecow and cow feeding. 

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  1. i stayed there during my first year in mmu! why i never know got such place!