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Monday, December 9, 2013

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine is a restaurant which serves decorative fusion foods with many self made ingredients. It is located at Nagore Road in Georgetown, Penang. 

The interior of this restaurant basically divided into two parts. The design of the front part of Love Bites is based on European concept: white in colour and then uses many angel sculptures as decorative items. These in overall together with the quiet-soft music set a comfortable and nice ambience for your dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

The back part of Love Bites, on the other hand, is in a completely different interior design concept. Tables and chairs as well as decorative items are made of wood and brown is the main colour instead of white. 

More photos of the other decoration items in Love Bites.

And then, they hire deaf employees to work in Love Bites. How sweet. 

Their name card in love shape. 

Their self-customized menu.

Cold green tea latte (RM 8.90). I'm now putting myself into a long-standing love affair with green tea latte after I had enjoyed my first cup at Miam Miam, Gurney Paragon (p/s: food review for Miam Miam here). Serious addiction and now I'm really hooked. This soothing blend of green teas with latte tastes pretty diluted, with only a slight hint of green tea flavour. However, I enjoyed the thick and uplifting taste of the finely-powdered green tea powder sprinkles on top of the whipped cream. 

Apple juice (RM 7.90). Concentrate and refreshing. Nice.

Love Toast is the highlight dessert in Love Bites. There are a total of 6 different types (flavour) of love toast in the menu: Temptation of love (green tea flavour), Sensation of love (cheese flavour), Impression of love (strawberry flavour), Illusion of love (coffee flavour), Satisfaction of love (mango flavour) and the last one named Jigsaw Tower (slightly different from the other 5 love toasts. It is served with 4 types of fruits). As a cheese lover, I decided to order the Sensation of love. 

Cheese flavour Sensation of Love toast with single scoop of ice-cream (RM 19.90). When the love toast is served, I was impressed by the decoration on the toast. Then only I understand the reason why they need a longer preparation time (more than 15 minutes) for this dessert.

Sensation of Love Toast is a half block of toast stuffed with toast bar and cheese baked crumble, and topped with vanilla ice-cream. Maize flacks, chocolate wafer stick and nut are also added to bring out endless satisfaction of love toast. Do not smash the block of toast by yourself. Friendly staff in Love Bites will assist you in cutting open the toast using scissor. 

This love toast is of quite a big portion. The portion is for at least two persons, with really a lots of cheese baked crumble and toast bar inside the block of toast. They are warm and freshly baked, crunchy and not too powdery. You can either eat them along with or without the vanilla ice-cream, the taste in both ways is satisfying. However, the cheese combination in overall makes us feeling bored fast. I believe the green tea and mango flavour, or in other words, fruit flavour combination will give a better sensation.

Lemongrass pork loin (RM 22.90). One of the main dish in the menu which served in a special lips-shaped plate. The ginger-grilled pork loin is juicy and tender and we really love it at the first bite. The gravy is in mild sweetness and tastes like pumpkin. The grass noodles served together with the pork loin as well as kimchi are quite appetizing. 

According to the staff in Love Bites, in order to bring the taste of this dish to perfection, you should stuff the pork loin slices together with the glass noodles and kimchi to the soft flaky paratha and eat it as paratha wrap. This is our first time trying to eat lemongrass pork loin in paratha wrap way. In overall, it tastes really good. It is quite surprising as well because it never crossed our mind that lemongrass, pork loin, glass noodles and kimchi in combination can be this good. Thumbs up.

Last but not least, a photo of Dan and me. Thanks to him for being such a good tour guide.

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
Location: 11, Nagore Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Business hour: 12pm to 11pm, closed on Tuesday
Fb Page: https://www.facebook.com/love.bites.942

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  1. I was there for my friend's birthday celebration.... the service was awful and i don't even bother to revisit again, prices are on the high side and portion is small albeit the taste is still generally acceptable