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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House is well-known for their Afternoon Tea. Other than that, they also serve a wide range of tea (iced fruit tea, hot milk tea and herbal tea), Italian coffee and flavoured coffee (rose coffee, green tea coffee, chocolate mint coffee, lavender coffee, etc), western delight, pasta, Belgian waffles, sandwiches and desserts. 

They have now a total of seven branches: six in Penang and one in Selangor (The Curve). So far we only been to their outlet in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. Both outlet with relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, making it a favourite place for breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner. Their table setting is another thing that worth a mention, classisc and unique. Flora table cloth is used and they have many distinctive design of tea cups. 

Winter Warmers at Gurney Plaza....
Our first visit to Winter Warmers in year 2012 (for dinner). It was exactly two years ago and now their menu has changed into a new one haha. 

Iced mixed fruit tea (RM11.90). 
Served chilled in a small jug and it is one of the house specialty. Slices of fruit such as orange, apple and lemon are added into the tea. Fruit can definitely jazz up any iced tea and this is doubtedlessly one great cold, refreshing drink. Not too sweet. However, the amount of ice cubes is a bit too much and the tea get diluted over time.

Jasmine freeze tea (RM 7.90).
As for this drink we don't remember how it exactly tastes like.

Fettuccine carbonara (RM 14.90).
Fettuccine is not over-cooked and we like this al dente pasta texture. The carbonara sauce is creamy but not cheesy. Overall, it tastes average to us. 

Grilled dory fish (RM 16.90).
Better than the fettuccine carbonara. The dory fish is grilled to light brown, then topped with creamy sauce. Fine texture and light flavour. Cold twisty curvy pasta salad and potato cubes are served as side. Overall, it tastes good. 

Winter Warmers at Queensbay Mall. 

Our most recent visit to Winter Warmers in July 2014. Now they have a brand new design of menu. 

And we just realized they also offer set lunch. Hence, we decided to give a try. Each set comes with a salad, a main course and  a beverage. You may also add on RM 4.50 for any of their cake of the day or cheese cake. 

For the beverage of first set lunch, we opted for their original Green tea. They have a total of five different green tea for you to choose from: moonlight roses, gunpowder, sweet osmanthus, orchid garden and jasmine paradise. We decided to go for the first one.

Moonlight roses greentea (RM 6.90).

An excellent home blends tea creates its sweet and aromatic flavour. A pot of tea with hint of floral flavor and great source of anti-oxidants. The rose fragrance is subtle and the taste is mild. An edible flower floats on top makes a darling decorative touch. 

For second set of lunch, we added RM 1 to change the black tea or green tea to other hot beverage.

Kenya tea latte (RM 7.00).

An elegant and lifely taste of tea with fresh milk makes it a perfect tea. I never heard of Kenya tea or coffee until I read a book by 九把刀 Giddens Ko, 等一个人咖啡 (cafe..waiting..love). This then peaked my curiousity and interest to give a try on Kenya tea latte. And for your information, most tea produced in Kenya is black tea. This Kenya tea latte can be considered as one of the best tea latte I ever had. Smooth and aromatic. Thumbs up. Kenya tea makes good latte.

The appetizer - Salads. 
Fresh vegetables served with in house dressing. Very good.

One of the main course, seafood spaghetti with white sauce (RM 22.90).
Normal spaghetti with generous amout of seafood such as mussels, prawn, squid and scallops. The white sauce is prepared with mushroom slices, topped with herbs sprinkles. Thick and creamy. Be sure to eat this as soon as possible after served when it is still hot.  

Another main course, baked seafood marina waffle (RM 22.90).
It is Belgian waffle, soft inside and crisp at the outside. It is topped with seafood (such as mussels, prawn, crabstick and scallop) and cheese, then, baked. This waffle is quite special because it has seafood topping instead of ice-cream, banana, cookies, honey or jam. Although the baked cheese is a bit too dry, but with seafood it makes an interesting texture teasing your taste buds with every bite. Not bad. 

We added on RM 4.50 for a piece of cheese cake, Lavender cheesecake. 

One of the unique cheesecake we have ever tasted although we were quite freak out about it in the beginning. This cheesecake is quite dense, with Lavender fragrant but not overpowering. It leaves a lingering taste on our tongue that we won't soon forget. We love the scent of Lavender. It looks attractive too, with Lavender flowerettes on top and in between the cheese cake. 

A very satisfying lunch followed by good movie, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. ♥

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  1. hehe i always go for their mixed fruit tea only! yum yum!