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Sunday, July 6, 2008

On 2:55 AM by Connie Lam     8 comments
What a blissful saturday night ^^
My bf brought me along to MMU gathering...
It was just a small gathering and only 10 of us...
Imagine, 1o persons squeezed together in a rectangular table which can only sits 8people..
Kinda pack but we had a palatable and copious dining....
Oops, almost forget to mention where we have our dinner...
Yeah, as stated in the title : Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant.... which located at Bangsar....

♥ Triple Play... *yummy*

♥ My lamb shoulder ^^ Superb!!

♥ The mouth watering foods with geng of ppl ^^

Group photos are not with me... Will update soon once i get it..
This meal costs us $350.35.. Reasonable ^^


  1. chilis~! chilis~!
    missing their bottomless drinks and their bottomless chips~!


  2. posting food in a blog is definitely a crime.. is a CRIME!!...

    is making people like me getting fatter and fatter!!

    hahaa :D

    350+ for ten.. not bad.. haven try before chili... *sob*

  3. ♥ wat crime? should be thanks me coz sharing good food wif u all =p
    ♥ 350++ for 8 oni...coz 2 of them didnt order lolx.... Chili's is kudos!!! Must try!!
    ♥ i can teman u hehex... but u treat me ;p

  4. Rm350 is cheap ah? hmmm... i think i will muntah darah when i c the bill! hahahaha

  5. ♥ hahax teddy.... not 1 person foot the bill oni ma..
    ♥ pay ownself 1...
    ♥ my lamb shoulder $ 24.95 only excluded 10% service charges and 5% tax.. . Yummy!!!!

  6. hmmmm.. let me do some weighing... 'a leng lui wanna teman me eat' against 'I need to treat her as the return'...

    err... okay.. i eat you drink sky juice... haha :D


  7. ♥ aiks.. okie lar..since u so hard to decide, AA zai lar hahax... xD
    ♥ i miss the food...
    ♥ ukm dun hav nice food T____T